Events, Conferences,Workshops, Seminars, Classes, Demos, RoundTables, Hackathons and Pitch Competitions all part of the Business Environment

The times they are a-changin’.

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We realize we need to add Learning as well as Research and  Development to the space we are Planning. So we’re asking  what you’s like to learn  or teach! The Tuberiam (our name for our spaces) will not be like  my Mamma’s Workshop… except they actually  are!

My  mom worked in what would be described as a  coworking space, where they  conducted any businesses activity they needed to! Today Meetings could take the form of Events, Conferences,Workshops, Seminars, Classes, Demos, RoundTables, Hackathons and Pitch Competitions!. That space could be Digital, Electronic, Mobile or Static, (DEMS) and available Live, Telepresent, RealTime, Streamed, Asynchronous, Telepresent!

My Moms space and other local  spaces served not only as coworking spaces but teaching arenas, and incubators! They’d transform  for short periods into spaces dedicated to launching a mas section (sort of like today’s accelerator)! They weren’t that  large, but somehow they  served several communities!

Two Springs ago I found myself a t  1 am NY Time explaining teaching really  a designer in St. Lucia Some of the Principles of Business for independent fashion designers, We were on skype! As I explained to her the vision  and expectation as to  where business communication or interaction was headed, she got excited.. she got it! She told me she’d get back to me  in a few months.

The images shows her new studio read  for streaming. I’ve been using technology  to  teach, show, shop, consult  since 2006. it’s easier with foreigners, locals need face to face (F2F), but may not be willing to pay  for travel time and charges. There is still a lot of work  to be done but she is on target soon she would simply  click , show and sell… literally! The Tuberiam will serve as coworking, Incubator, Accelerator and while the new space is larger  I am  still wondering how we will work this! we’ll be streaming  our events workshops etc.

But  first we are preparing  for change and education, amateur and professional is changing… as Innovators we need to chart that direction. We have a strong  list of concepts but it’s time to put the question out there, what Tech  focused skill-sets will you need in 3-10 years!

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