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The times they are a-changin’.

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I loved attending classes for their social aspect, now there are social networks, which led me to wonder can I use social media to show how  to  design and make your own clothing… or have them made for you (exactly as you wanted)! What if we can teach individuals to do so… in the  comfort of their own home , supplemented with social networking. What will be teh challenges.

What If always gets me in to trouble!

One of our new startups Canvazz looks at technology  for the amateur,  pro-am to Independent  designers.

Got an eye shoot great images what next! Design prints motif etc from the images you shoot or draw! Welcome to a new series of exploration inspired by the images from my  friend on FB  and Flick.

I explore technology and how it makes our lives easier more fulfilling.

These are open however If you want to  join in  you must submit (copy & paste)

  • Name of project you’re interested in for details
  • Fabric/ Color- how to select color inspirations from your favorite images
  • Print- turn you favorite image into the fabric of your dream
  • Silhouette- The best designs for your Body Shape
  • Illustrate your hearts desire
  • Trim & Accessories make it buy it order it
  • Style… the many versions of you
  • Fit… should I where this … reason not  apps

As well as

  • Phone number
  • Days and times available
  • Facebook/twitter if applicable


This is for the hobbyist or indie designers and for self or small runs!





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