Fall 2012

The times they are a-changin’.

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Fall for BS… as in My  initials! I think it’s time to return to design! I promised a couple people to design a line… it’s supervising the  production that is holding me back!

I understand  firsthand the hurdles of the  small entrepreneur…

I awoke this morning with a Bug…  The weather is telling me that It’s time to make changes… and still I procrastinate!  I’m trying to bleed the last  bit of comfort from the summer sun!

However I made a valiant attempt to give myself a new wardrobe… at least I think I’m catching a Design Bug… so I made a croquis for myself and started working on some looks!

Inspiration some images shot by fellow Brooklyn Entrepreneur Mirielle from  www.Going-Natural.com!

So ok my  self  Image is healthy!However doing it all is still a myth! Which is why we are starting a company based on collective work , responsibility… and technology. However  we understand we have to change and to teach change!

The fact is though  You too can learn to communicate what  you want!

So At the request  of a few I’m considering a workshop/newsletter…  the easiest way to stay informed- Join my  mailing list! Speaking of which I will be cleaning my present list … so please excuse and unsubscribe form mulitiple emails if you have multiple instances  of emails.

As for those print design workshops… hurry and submit!

On an aside I’ve agreed to write a Style Column for going- Natural! BTW what is Natural style got  a comment post below!  So head over there and register …

but it’s so much more that  great clothing!

The  close of 2012 sees me reprising the role of Cofounder at TibiaeTech.com

Leading The quest for Space – Tuberiam offline and working on developing an online Space as well as leading  30 New Startups, programs & Projects that will

Scale and support  other smaller business as well as Trickle down and provide jobs and opportunities for many… as i said … Fall is Here!




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