Fashion Incubator Marketing, Showroom, But Most Importantly Skilled Experience Facilitators & Production!

The times they are a-changin’.

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It takes a village to bring all the  resources that entrepreneurs need!

It takes a village to create change! Last year I promised to take local designers Global and Bring global designers local!

I knew from years of experience as a designer and facilitating and mentoring young designers The challenges. Access for Wholesale & Retail consumer… Training program, Studio spaces- for ( design, sewing, print) Coworking Spaces, Funding Initiative & Financing initiative…

With the launch of  Tibiae Tech we started on marketing initiatives and developing both support for the entrepreneurs as well as support  services and providers.  I  have been plagued by a nagging problem…  a lack of skilled AFFORDABLE  labor! Well today I got a call that had me speechless. A Program that has been following my track record wants to partner! I am So … I am at a lost for words!

On top of that the one of the spaces we’ve looking at called make an offer!



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