What is The fashion Tech behind Zac Posen’s Met gala illuminating dress!

The times they are a-changin’.

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Inspired by calls for “How do I achieve this look!” I’ve added this Lighted dress to the list of hacks to tackle.  The plan is to launch  sometime June After NYukco’s  CopulateNYC event.
A viral reaction to  the  Zac Posen gown at this year;s met gala brought this to my attention.

Sadly, in response, some simply did a search found a quote on the fabric Luminous fabric and fiber optic fabric “.

Is it?

Well it certainly looks it, but that style has some serious body (at least to 15 yds) for one layer of shirt and there are several  conductive fabrics…  then again as BOF point  out in a review of  the Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art ‘Manus x Machina’

“You really have to see the pieces to understand them, and you can’t really rely on the designers to give accurate information. Certain designers are very proprietary about their technologies. That was a bit of a challenge … Zac Posen ball gown was literally lit from within”

In short  unless the designer  published the details one would have to look  close up to get the real 411.

  • I am sure however that  some type of  soft  circuitry  is involved especially in hemlines and seems.
  • There is some type of switch that  activates the “lighted effect”  fastener zipper perhaps
  • There is use of some  type of electronic or conductive fabrics
  • It’s also possible that the designer used some type of newly engineered fabric.
  • What makes the fabric lightcould either be  woven into the fabric or stitched over it like “embroidery”. In this the first layer looks opaque, not sheer as in the lumigram – the quality also appears much better.

Yes, I’m excited… but  this is what few realize you cannot just pick up a piece of fabric you need to explore and understand this emerging  design  resource. Ultimately I’d really love to have a fully  equip maker space, and a group of fearless innovation enthusiast.The point is we have to start somewhere

Featured Image credits – top clockwise screenshots of  the Zac Posen dress. From a social media week we hosted in 2010 – Elizabeth Fuller’s Lifedress’- Dragon skin,  LED and Copper.  Finally, my  2010 collaboration with Catarina Mota (of Open Material) on this  scarf lighted from within.

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