A Fashion Tech Learning Facility Coworking Space & Incubator

The times they are a-changin’.

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a Creative Fashion Tech Incubator Space in the heart of  BrooklynThanks to the  folks at Esaie Design Studios, TibiaeTech can now create a unique solution a Fashion Tech Coworking Space that will house Learning, skillsharing,  Incubation and yes acceleration!   It’s also  at the heart of a seriously  under-served community… so we’re hoping to start  a trend and encourage others to come set up nearby!



We’ll be announcing the full list of workshops and classes, calls for artist in residencies and Fashion Tech startups & coworkers Special features… we’re pulling top notch fashion , tech  & marketing  together for a unique experience! Esaie Couture Design School

  • Learn to sew – Hobby- Crafting- or  starting a fashion line
  • Fashion Illustration, design &  production  workshops and
  • Technical Design Workshops-prep your own  techpack
  • Creative Design Workshops- BKSTYLE  will never be teh same!
  • Machine Knitting and other techniques

coming soon specialized fashion tech workshops-

  • build an manage wordpress(and other) store
  • learn to prep your files for for 3D & Laser soft  circuitry and other fashion tech  “stuff’
  • Learn about and integrate the  newest  Business 2.0 apps & Programs to  manage time, organize your business and sell to your customers!
  • Workshops in Content creation-Video, Audio, Images and Text
  • Social Commerce Sales
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Specialized Coworking spaces complete with domestic and industrial machines, cutting table mannequins


  • Got an Idea … learn  and build with the help of topnotch tech partners
  •  Wi-fi and computer terminals
  • Seminars workshops and round-tables to introduce or help you develop your Fashion, Creative or lifestyle startup!
  • Nighthawk coworking-  7pm- 7am details soons

Saturday night Indie designer  sales/Shopping events… pre-shop events on web sign up for details at http://tuberiam.tibiaetech.com Ok we’ll need more space… LOL.. the fact is we’re ready to ROLL ! This is definitely not my moms dress shop… or my dad’s (a programmer’s) office! Interested in  being part of this space or workshops either in fashion, creative product development or tech [recaptcha_form]



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