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Eaton’s of Canada Golden jubilee, 1869-1919 book!

It interested me as the period documented begins just after the emancipation of  slavery in the  US. The book details and reports on  not just the store, but Society and life from the year the  store launched to 1919! I accidentally came across this golden Jubilee   records of Eaton’s of Canada, while cataloging vintage commercial catalogs for use in my online designers studio.

While it’s hard finding documentation on black dressmakers in this period, it would be safe to say that there would be strong similarities, that  dressmakers would be handed catalogs (or plates)  to copy and would improvise for their own clothing!  Their is even a conversation between the young lady and her dressmaker.

We’ll be using the  fashion in the public domain as a jump-off point for our collaborative open design project!

In context…

This book however inspires me to think about the  Black Redress concept!  I have no found no such documentation that would give such detail on the lifestyles, dress and the business of clothing,  Blacks in this period. even more recent,  what would someone in 100 years read about this generation. which blogs, magazines or books! That thought scared me… almost every image i see highlighted is staged or carefully chosen for effect! Was this similarly done in this case.  I actually  plane to read (or listen) to the entire book.

If you don’t have time to read then look to the  volume control for the read aloud feature! It is in the large screen, you can activate that when you press the box with the  four arrows. They even move pages along automatically, great (if you can get across the mechanical voice)

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