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The times they are a-changin’.

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Meet these badasse designers speaking tech

I’m in the last  phases of pulling  together details for

BADASSE 3.0 next is a call to other designers to submit a 30-60 sec clip of how tech helps them to create, produce sell or what they wish they had!

We’re  really not doing anything different than we usually  do except  letting others in! As designers we use technology and our water cooler leans more towards Skype and our “breaks” may come at  3 am EST! It’s here I realized we had the  same issues and we brainstormed how we could solve them!  We share design ideas and Goals for improving our sector!

We love what we do and he people we do it for!  I’m lucky to be part of ta global independent design niche.   exclusiv

B.A.D.A.S.S.E IS an acronym for Business, Art, Design, Apparel, Sustainability, Styling and “Ein’-dustrial careers. It covers the Creative Industries with a viewpoint of creating companies that employ our communities.

We’ve heard from many “Techies” about  how their apps work for “Makers” … But what About Makers? How do they feel about the technology? How is it affecting or changing their art their craft and their business. We’ll use telepresence Technology to hear from Fashion Designers across the world who  now connect daily, in an  unprecedented mannner!


May 20th 8-11 am EST

Makers Talk Tech- Steps to getting “it”… into the hands of your customer!

A discussion on successful technology strategies and tools for the creative industries!

A fundraiser for TibiaeTech’s Creative  Coworking Space…

May 21st 2-4pm  EST

Wanda Bruno –

Successfully leveraging local deal sites! – From couture designer to couture design school…  !

May 22nd 9-11pm EST

Social- Greatness Transitioning from employee to Independent Entrepreneur-

Louis Narcisse  CEO and Head Designer Pharaonic Brand Designs

May 24th Time TBDRobert Anthony Young  Trinidad and Tobago

May 25th 12-2pm EST

Clean technology,  Green Business & Vertical production and  – From New York With Love!

Jonathan Adewume

May 26 pm EST

The world is your boutique… From Paris with love

Mike Sylla –Baifal Dreams  Paris

May 27th 8-10pm EST

Fashion Tourism and the Shifting tides in Local fashion!

Esther Joseph –

Global Access


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