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The times they are a-changin’.

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“More and more NY Design and  tech worlds are colliding and I am amazed about how much they have in common and how little they know about each other !  I am not speaking of  shopping or  Social  Shopping;-  We are looking at all aspect Creative product Life cycle management; research, development, concept, design, production, sales, presentation, marketing, delivery, consumer and business support!”

That is from a 2009 email, sadly those words are still true today- On September 12th and 13th, 2009, FashionCamp the first fashiontech (open)conference was held in NYC. It was an idea I had for bringing together fashion and tech interest. I bought the url as a commitment to it seeing it through  without any ide of how I would execute. It  should be noted tha both FashionCampNY’s [2009 NYU ITP  & 2010 @ Parsons New School ] took a large team of vested persons many who had never met  to pull off! Most have gone on to affect change in technology and fashiontech. About 200 attended and there was a notable shift in teh attendance  of women and minorities!  Not bad for a community  event!

So how do you take an idea, from a concept to a reality;- Simple, Tell somebody what you want to do either

Indirectly -In April 2009 my email signature read,

“Thanks, More info is on site www.fashioncamp.org. We want 2 bring
together all who Design, Make, Show, Sell, Market or Buy using
technology!”  (Fashioncamp.org is now defunct see planning site )

I honestly did not think or rather was not ready to approach the “tech” guys on fashion, and so did not think about it. When I joined the BarcampNYC4 planning group and responded on the thread my signature automatically was attached. That signature caught the eye of “one of teh tech guys”, Jonathan Berger who responded.

We (me & my partners, cc’d here) just launched a fashion-oriented startup called MarketPublique.com (now closed), an online vintage auction marketplace. We should DEFINITELY talk about FashionCamp! Do you have a prospective date or venue yet?

A few week later I met the guys from Makerbot and was introduced to wearable etchnology. Oh those were the days… we planned two events, but everyone soon got busy … still nothing beats the original…

Or directly… Bolstered ,  in  May of 2009 I rached out to Nate Westheimer who ran the NYTech Meetup.

“I am helping a local group plan a (FAX) fashion Career expo and Think they need to include the technology aspect, especially companies that offer training in propritory business design and new and emerging solutions for entrepreneurs. I will see aviary and some of the companies that i am aware of at Barcamp this weekend.

Many of these business companies are unaware of tech developments or these companies. I really wamt to seek out companies on the Nytech board/community who target entrepreneurs. I am hoping This showcase as well as barcamp may help,.”

Nate introduced me to Yuli ziv,  and i later attended the first Fashion 2.0 meetup, by this time I was learning there were many  avenues and possibilities. Fashion 2.0 Approacheds teh mainstream  and vers more toward teh social.  Then there is wearable tech scene younger more academically inclined, students from eth many design school,  xtremely  tight knit and niche (till recently)  I came from teh local cottage indie design scene, teh one now emerging as the focus of many startups! Their is also the virtual reality  focus. All fashiontech is not the  same.

Here is a copy Nate Westheimer (NYTECH) and Yuli Ziv (Fashion 2.0)


“More and more NY Design and  tech worlds are colliding and I am amazed about how much they have in common and how little they know about each other !  I am not speaking of  shopping or  Social  Shopping;-  We are looking at all aspect Creative product Life cycle management; research, development, concept, design, production, sales, presentation, marketing, delivery, consumer and business support!

If you received this email you either  
Run or own a fashion, Home or Design related  product or service 9that needs technology)
Run nor own a web app/software  that can be used by Fashion, design or related firm
are in PR or Marketing for Creative entrepreneurs
Run or are planning to run a trade event for Fashion, design or related Event
Or know someone  who  is the Fashionn Desiignn sector(in that case please forward this to them)
you Run  Barcamp focused on a specific topic of interest for the Fashiion ad Design focussed.
Are an advocate of emerging technology or protocals that can impact the Fashiion Sector
You  just LUV ‘fashionn or style!  
… or you need to connnnect with someonne from each group!
This is an official invite to participate in FashionnCampnNY 2009 or as the fashion Sector would say FashiionCampNY SS0
Plans are underway for ‘FashionCamp‘” an unconference “barcamp” style event, the first event FashionncampNY is tentatiively set for September 12th and 13th  2009 in NY ciity. Our focus is creatiing an “Open Space” that brings together all existing, and emerging componnents that relate to the Future of Fashion & Design wiith the hopes that informationn shared and relationships formed will  greatly impact the sector!.
We are inviting  you to keep the date annd plan to attennd, we are also inviting you to join  the Planning group on Google http://groups.google.com/group/fashioncamp?hl=en
Jonathan has set up a doodle to help pick a date for our next meeting. We discussed a virtual meeting so you would be able to log in via your computer or call  
Go check it out and mark off the days you’re available, and we’ll try
to find a time for our next meeting.  Doodle is here:


What you do not know with  fashion  today  affects your decision about your business tomorrow. There is so much to discuss  as to how technology is and will affect fashion I just started a thread on the some really cool info iI found while researching for an article on “Fashion 2020″ Could Augmented Reality take merchandise Marketing to a whole new level    
how a mobile camera sees  a black annd whiite image in n augented reality.png
clip from video shows how a mobile camera “see” a black annd white imge ‘think 2d codes”
Could Augmented Reality take merchandise Marketing to a whole new level , feel free to weigh in on this “Star Trek ‘ stuff and it’s potential
Iif signing in please fill out the form (rather than use the existing provider feature)

We need a centralized space with info on all the really great products and servicie, However the message board is about discussion, in the spirit of keepinng this “open’ and sharingi info please use this thread to Post Your Business Bulletins! 

PS- most of the links  may be inactive- I now would have done this stuff entirely on Google sites… The preservation of tech history is essential…


Thanks to I’ve explored soft circuitry, 3D printing, laser cutting, what developed into Haptics, virtual technology, telepresence, Social media marketing and teh conversation prism.

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