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The times they are a-changin’.

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What does this site need to do for me- How best can each aspect of my digital footprint  best  serve those I serve. Technology is a tool.  A great cash register makes the sale process easier it does not make the sale.

I design and test the used and adopting of technology by creative entrepreneur. That means Integrating web site, app, Social media, cloud, software & hardware for design trending sales marketing etc.  I usually explore around  explore the intersection of fashion & technology… however it can be art, craft, design or any intangible concept that needs to become tangible a product service or merchandise.
It’s not about shares likes and tweets.  It was easy to reach to fashion, and fashiontech to illustrate since I have direct access and a large network but the principles can be adopted across the entire creative realm.


Earlier this year I took a step back and rethought Tech and creativity.  This “ReGenesis” as I call it was not “sudden”.  I have for quite a while felt uncomfortable in my tech skin. Despite with “experts and Influencers were saying my data was showing  me a different viewpoint! When  I set up a boutique  or store the design and layout always evolve based on the  consumers and staff needs. A web digital strategy should be the same.  So in late December 2012 , January 2013 I completely shifted based on a simple mandate. What does this site need to do for me. It is a design process similar to creating for a bride or any other custom process!  Ideas and conversations grow and expand. I expect that this post while originally a blog post will be revised over time. You are reading the latest iteration of my personal tech manifesto

I use “creative” as a capsule term to describe conceptual products services and merchandise. I am an artist, I choose Fashion to express my creativity. My use of technology goes way beyond a “responsive Website” or the “conversation prism”. “Social Media” has a unique meaning to me.  Lately I’ve realized that It’s seems difficult for many to grasp the full scope of the new Creative Industries and how technology plays with creativity! I’ve come to terms with realization that many cannot understand exactly what that means until they see it unfold. I may focus on Fashion but the Creative Entrepreneurs journey for Makers, Artist, Crafters, Artisans, Designers, goes from – Novice – Enthusiast – Hobbyist – Apprentice -Journeyman- Craftsman – Master and eventually to Business owner- Startup


Today I explore the intersection of fashion & technology… however it’s not about shares likes and tweets.  It was easy to reach to fashion, and fashiontech to illustrate since I have direct access and a large network but the principles can be adopted across the entire creative realm.


I was born of a union of Fashion and technology! I am the child of a local custom dressmaker and a computer programmer. At 18 I was certified as a Cobol programmer. By 20 I was organizing creatives and lobbying for worker’s rights and headed to my mother’s store and started a career in Fashion design. However by nature I am an artist.

I do almost everything my mama did in her dress store, I LOVE IT

I now make my sketches with open source software Flickr holds my photos. My tear sheets are scoops, my office is in the clouds and Apps power my Filing system. As a designer I now source my inspirations on Pinterest or from my Facebook feed. My color aesthetic is courtesy photographers on Google Plus


I speak to my family on Facebook, my friends inbox via direct messages or inbox and my clients are just a chat away. My brother was siblings are a hacker before hackers were cool. My sister took to  mobile. The other day “mamma” called well more like skyped.  It seems that she
did not feel like going into  town, so could one of you (kids0 pick up something  from Wilton for me…”
This wife of a computer programmer, mother of a hacker, a digital strategist and hardware junkie,  did what any mom would do called her kids to pick up something.  Like any mother she did not think twice to reach out to her kids, never mind one was over an hour away in Trinidad, The other in Florida and the third in New York.  The fact is help was just a click away.

This ain’t my mama’s dress shoppe. My canvas won’t be my son’s. Now I’m the mamma my son is more familiar with an apple than a paintbrush, he uses layers and filters more than brushes or pastels.


What’s Your “thing” …
Bonnie Sandy is Helping Global Creatives With New Technology & Exploring Strategies That Take New  Tech Enabled Local Cottage type Businesses Global

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