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The times they are a-changin’.

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We’ve inviting creative- designers, Artist  Musician, And others,  to  Commit To Success with “Make the Sell “-  Commit  to success defines success in terms of online and offline sales, as well as highest  quality of product service and merchandise, and creative fulfillment. The first   session runs July 8th 2013 to January 8th 2014.participants are pre- approved and the Independence offer is greatly reduced and will set this as the monthly fee through January 2014, once you do not stop.  To  activate you will need to you accept and make the  first payment by  July  7th 12;00 pm 2013.  F ill out this form (using an email you check  and we will send you the  offer details. Payment is via Paypal and since we conduct classes online, participation is open to English  speaking  person with digital access!

Update:- The death of a member of our team has led to the postponement of this program. Please use  this link  to submit inquiries about this or subsequent sessions

Interested in what  I offer set up a 10 Minute online Meeting (from anywhere in the world)

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The video below show artist  with whom we’ve worked on  product, artist  who have participated in  events we’ve hosted or in  projects we’ve explored 2003 to say 2010…  You can check my  About us page for more and my linked in  for endorsements or testimonials!

FIX ME – HELP ME…  – You often hear these cries too late when the damage is irreversible, to far gone.  The TRUTH, If or rather when you lie to yourself you hurt yourself!  I often say that change is  done from  within. The projects we run are simply  a platform to facilitate that change. As a designer my Philosophy was in life , in love, in fashion  true growth happens when you  Embrace da BS! Embracing truth is only the first  step. deciding  to  change is the next. You  really need to understand what it  takes to change and commitment  to  it is the next step, but  will not be the  last . Great  business should be a habit, Rinse, lather, rise, repeat.  Whenever I see this add with Iyanla Vanzant  stating

“if you lie to me… I’m fixing  a lie” .

I immediately  correct it to ;-

“if you lie to yourself… You’re fixing  a lie” .

Taking Charge of your life your destiny is a Favor to YOURSELF not to Bonnie or anyone else. Well I  do not believe we can Fix anyone, that comes from within.



  • Whether it is Fashion, Drama, Music, Art, DANCE, ETC or the facilitating of product , services and merchandise  of Fashion, Drama, Music, Art, DANCE, ETC, the process through which creatives learn to  be successful is by doing-  THEY WILL- NEED tO
  1. Research upcoming  trends 
  2. Explore concepts
  3. Produce prototypes
  4. Participate in  technology explorations 
  5. Present  cost  effectively
  6. Edit collection  
  7. Define your brand
  8. Examine existing brand 
  9. Discuss traditional  and emerging strategy
  10. Source Suppliers
  11. Negotiate  lucrative deals
  12. Set  and maintain quality  standards
  13. Establish guidelines boundaries  
  14. Manage production
  15. Respect  right of others
  16. Build strong business relationship 
  17. Hire thest on budget
  18. Identify  consumer personae
  19. Create a revenue model
  20. Develop sales & Marketing  collateral
  21. Execute marketing  strategy
  22. Close sales leads
  23. Offer  customer support
  24. Integrate online offline 
  25. Master the technology

During the first  six month cycle and lather rinse and repeat  for two more cycles… then

  1. Lather,  Rinse and Repeat 
What that looks like  varies across disciples and we customize the program at some point to suit each person’s goals.  as you can expect this means space is limited but  we are also interested  in other who wish to facilitate this!  We’ve developed this  over the last  10 years with creatives from all aspects doing parts or the full program – executing,  “Lathering” out the   kinks, we “Rinsed and “Repeated” First In Brooklyn  Then Via Telepresence using  Tools such as Skype and Google chat. It  generally takes 52 hours and cost roughly  $5000 to execute per client… One time and we’ve learned that the average client  needs three cycles to  change their habits. It’s now time to scale and open it up… so we’re offering this program  to a global  market. we already have a fashion designer and a musician. confirmed and several more waiting on this invite.
In Fashion this may  may mean:-  
Pursuing, Utilizing, access to well executing Patterns and technical service providers 
Following the advice in Articles and tips that  
Understanding The line sheet, look book, catalog style guides what are they , what is the difference between them and when to use them.
Building  you marketing templates, policies, contracts and sales forms.
What if i do Not  Like…
The one thing I  will guarantee is that  there will be times you will not like me or the program… but you will love the results! This is about change and if you are enjoying this process… then  I’m not  doing my  job… and I am GREAT  at my JOB!
Pre Approval process start  with  submitting this  questionnaire 



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