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a Fn Poster Flatbush Noire &  Flatbush Noir! ;-  One is a Weekly  Artisan Night Market The other  is an “omniChannel”, an Online and offline space,  with a physical  a creative coworking space that is open from 9pm to 8am In The Flatbush Area  of Brooklyn

May 1st 2013 means the  launch of our Brooklyn Fashion/Creative/Maker/Tech  program.  I’ve often laughed that  this is not my  mama’s dress-shoppe! truthfully  it’s also not the same design sector I emerged into when I  left Fashion Institute of Technology!  My Partners  and I are currently wrapping  up a free cowork offer that was picked up a group of five young  designers and introduced us to the needs of two other young creative and queries from the UK, Caribbean and Argentina!  This Classroom is Global!

We had going into this identified  the need for a  strong technology and entrepreneurial, design and technical design  program that suited the needs of young emerging  designers.  Our connection to the Esaie Design Couture School

The needs for a retail training  program was less evident , closer inspection left concerns on current and emerging  social  commerce practices and the  perceived vs real  success   My exploration of Connected TV & Telepresence  noted a need for exploration in retail on that frontier. We also had to  consider the impact of omnichannel retailing, which defines the trend to have both  an offline and online  presence. Omnichannel provides challenges for experienced retailers,  with  new and emerging independent designers  gaining online experience is easy even when not guided offline experience however was a challenge, with Pop up  options at  trade and ‘flea” markets offering an extremely ‘filtered” reality as to consumer needs and trends!

We’re still undecided at to which is  which… but we do need to pull the last minute details together!


Coworking Community

  • It’s first and foremost a coworking space where designer can work from 9pm-8am
  • access to mentors, experts and influencers in Creativity, Marketing, bsienss, Tech


  • Studio/production- 9pm-8am
  • Sales space Friday/7PM -1 AM
  • Wi-fi & Computers
  • Digital – Sessions to set up your digital presence and strateg
  • Studio/production- discount of day rates and rental 9am-9pm


  • Entrepreneurial Curriculum
    • Creativity ideation  workshop/challenges
    • Technical assistance in product/line development
    • production quality control &  fit
    • Revenue model-funding and financial literacy
    • Business Model
    • Brand  & Integrated marketing Strategy

Creative Tech focus…

Resource Development…

  • Trending
  • Sourcing- Group & bulk & batch processing…
  • collaborative marketing
  • Distribution

Introduction to New Tech Tools

  • digital textile
  • laser cutting
  • 3D printing
  • Storytelling and content creation- image, audio, video, text & telepresence
  • Technique and Strategy for use and integration of new apps and tools.
  • Try Presefy-  a Mobile tool that allows you to spice up  presentations by going 100% mobile and allowing your audience to follow in real-time on their own devices.  Sign using this link and get an extra  free presentation! http://presefy.com/#/register/5150c9856ded849d08033f11resefy.com/#/register/5150c9856ded849d08033f11

Retail experience

  Distribution and discussions of  Trade related  info,

Social Curation

Access  Distribution of reports

eg The Free Fashion Tech  report  with a  Google plus community for discussions!


20%  discount off classes at www.Esaiecouturedesignschool.com for fashion or technical design intensive  or skill development  workshops!

more offers from partners


We’ve been asked, “Can I participate from… Teh  UK Or ARgentina?”

The  answer is Yes the fact is I’ve  helped with designers abroad (not in the US) since 2004 and the  current technologyeven better  enables this, but please rsvp for Virtual participation so we can contact you with info



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