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The times they are a-changin’.

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Eventually you simply need one great cash register, and a great rack or shelving design. Eventually #fashiontech will be less about coding the cash register and more about where it is placed and that it works when it’s needed. That said I’m trying to figure out how to tie all the components together. Finally got the Google plus, Twitter and Facebook page embed to work, now it’s time to figure out a strategy as to how to best use them.
Here’s a Google plus page embed

Here’s the facebook page embed

and the twitter allows you to choose whether or not the image is included in the embed

in the end it is more that just procedure (the how ), it’s strategy (the why, the what) and lastly POLICY…
Do you notify owners that you’ve used their statuse, and if so should that be before or after the fact? If in doubt use your own images… which reminds me I promised a post on maximizing images for social commerce…
How to embed
The codes for Facebook and Google plus are available on the top right via a drop down menu…
On Twitter hover at the bottom right of each post and select the embed.

Learn about this image see
Social Sourcing & Design #Sewopen will look at social supply chain for #fashion using #Fashiontech



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