“Designer Makeup Collection” Takes on New Meaning -Mink Digital Printer at #disruptnyc14 #fashiontech #Innovation economy..

The times they are a-changin’.

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Color and the right to the colors I want, is an  important part of my design philosophy and cultural Identity!  The Image was/is part of a demo I am developing to teach designers and customers to  create their own color palettes!  SO that the news of Mink across my stream was a rare moment of orgasmic tech… Proof we need more women in tech.

GraceMink a tech comapany creating a product for women by a woman- Mink promises to turn

” any camera, phone or laptop into an endless beauty aisle”…

right now I have a shopping bag full of makeup palettes  most of the colors I do not  need simply for a color I like…

That said there are a lot of questions, many asked in the comments of the youtube video. There is a learning curve and adaoption challenges, but this technology is a natural progression. However I see this more as a cottage industry market…

Yes startups, there is such a thing.  There is a midle ground between large coporations and “teenager”. “Moms and Pops” feeding their families and taking care of communities need tech also.

I know because , I’m 3rd generation cottage entrepreneur in local fashion. Many who graduate from  colleges go on to start their own busiensses. These entrepreneurs exist in every city, across the globe. In food, fashion & beauty- women work at home to help feed their families while taking responsibility for their children.

Perhaps a social angle?

My mom made clothing using “home” versions of industrial machines for sale. There is a vibrant cottage industry of skincare products, makeup artist and stylist, many with the following and marketing savvy. Sure they will need to be taught how to generate digital color palettes etc. but at the least they can deal with quality control issues as well as be the direct link to the consumer. The price will be an investment to them… (by the way airbrush attachments anyone?)

My sister for example is a perfect candidate, she can strip her hardware down rebuild or repair… and is extremely tech savvy , but also is now a makeup artist competing in competitions. So they may want to rethink that 16-25 focus and develop or add a cottage industry focus…

Unfortunately the current call is for software developer, when beauty professional &  entrepreneurs working with software developers may be the better direction. Maybe even a Hack! I wonder also why she did not launch a Kicksrater campaign. I’m sure it would have been a mega success.

The technologist hardware and siftware will develop what is needed but they also  need entrepreneurs who can utilize thes in teh planning and development stage..My primary focus is digitally printing  fabric… and yesI am waiting with baited breath… but  in teh meantime i’m attacking some of teh adoption and adaptation issue. Now there is the home 3d printer, Teh home makeup printer.  All I need is an affordable home laser printer, and a home digital priter that can print directly onto rolls of Fabric!
I have faith!
What would you  do with this!
PS this is Digital Printing Not 3D printing! Get in line http://l.aunch.us/LT6E



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