Addressing the #VirtualFIT issue for indie #Fashiontech companies

The times they are a-changin’.

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Returns because of poor fit is one of the biggest challenge to profit  in online sales! For teh Indie designer teh risk is even greater. When I ask designers where they get their specs from few can truly quote a reliable source! Great fitting pants for example are the bain of most women’s wardrobe. However for Black women or woman or Plus sized women the problem is even bigger. Women of the same size can have different  body  proportions.

Apart from waist and hip and Lenghts- side seam or inseam, there is rise or crotch depth. Length is an easy problem to solve you can shorten or add… but even if you get the lengths correct you may miss out on the “rise”.  to teh customer repair and alteration cost can add up!

Traditionally commercial pants are cut and fitted using standard specs. The problem is that spec differ across ethnicities, and regions and age groups. Pleats, pulls or sagging around the crotch area are indications of poor fit! In a connected world even the specs that are currently available may not work with all clients… solving that problem can cut back on returns due to fit!

Large corporations run huge studies but what about indie designers.
In Demarketplace we need a common set of spec. Indie Designers cannot afford cost associated eith returned products… so quality control and fit is an issue we will seek to use technology to solve. That means it’s time to get measurements and real body specs …

Virtual fit is not an end of teh line issue, great fit starts with  planning of the  design and constant referral throughout teh  process. it needs to be a core aspect of any  brands anatomy.

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