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Suddenly #Socialcommerce opportunities in the #conversationprism has a shopping cart.  #Paypalme

I was notified  via my tech  feeds that Paypal  had launched  It's a simple link that allows for payment. As always I plunged right in. New tools require new protocols and while others would blog about it's launch or that it exists .  I've learned that the information  value is in "how does it  work."

Paypal me is a Social commerce tool. Paypal is set to lose a HUGE chunk of it's revenue with the  coming  "Buy" features that will soon become prominent on  Pinterest,  Twitter, Fb  and heaven forbids Etsy decides to get their own payment system. I saw  the button as a simple url  to add to images and in video... and BTW it does resolves on Fb  this far. This is a Pre-emptive strike aimed specifically at leveraging the popularity of images (images can be placed in videos) and social messaging.


Paypal Me to Donate

Paypal me donate button

Ideally this button should make a call to action simpler. Using the link as a Donatio vehicle, Fundraising button  or tip jar, may be the easiest use scenario. The simple URl leaves the amount open to the discretion of the Payer.  Thst it out

DONATE to the  Fashion Youth INitiative I conduct under BrooklyFashionWeek Via NYukCO
we're developing a teen entrepreneurship  program  based on Creative Industrialism  concepts.  


Paypal Me to Buy

Paypal me donate buy offer


What  about  using the button to sell or pay for Goods and services.  We see it all the  time on Social media an image and a call to action "Inbox me for your invoice."  We define it as #Socialcommerce and have been actively  testing the  details few take into consideration.  This button changes the protocol. It's now post an image pay  send validation email.  tehn again 10 year ago we did not have twitter  Instagram  and very few had heard of Facebook.   The  above offer is available.  I'd love you to test  the  button and actually  buy  the  product. It's a Great Travel Item, works in any climate (it is easily layered) ! 

Paypal Me Tip Jar


For those wanting to test the fixed amount Url but  do not wish to purchase an actual an Item  i've added a fixed tip Jar...  Any funds donated will be added to's general  support  - a #Fashiontech #CreativeIIndustries #Diversity  initiative  in Brooklyn Ny 
Probably the best use will be as a Tip Jar...  or contribution to major purchases. 

HOW TO SET UP YOU OWN Paypal Me page

You get one  Url per Paypal account so make sure to  choose a name affiliated with all your uses. Claim your name before someone else does. Before you set  up  have the following ready 

An Image or logo;-  they use a circular icon so  prep your image to work within such a frame. 

A description - About  this  business" 

"The ability to provide for oneself is a right not a privilege. As a designer, creative industries & tech diversity advocate, I leverage tech in programs & products & services that help entrepreneurs build and grow " 

that  is the actually  length  it will accomadate... 

Login into  your paypal account and head to


Since Physical goods are part of  our product listing  it  immediately wondered how we would leverage this url on social commerce sites..We had started adding our Url to our images  as the high share value of fashion often  resulted in  many using  and sharing iour images  without  credit. 

  • Add to images you share on Social media 
  • Use in Fb  "sell something  posting
  • Use to collect payment  offline by simply  point contacts to your  page.
  • Set up a policy page,  SLASH PAYPALME  ( /paypalme) Create a landing page with  your terms  & product info eg  note the  delivery prodceduer etc 
  • Verify  payment intent by sending a follow up email. As custom designers we do this to offset scams 
  • If possible give each item a unique price, so that  you can better chart what the payment is for
  • When selling  goods and services calculate your correct  price,  including taxes and shipping  BEFORE sending the URL 
  • add the URl to the note for easy  click through even when using images with  that url
  • As with any image marketing  remember to use Google's image search and other tools to check who's using  your images.


Time Will Tell if This Pays Off

It was easy  enough to set up (see below), but remember this is simply  a tool.  Your success with it will in part  depend on how flexible you are with thinking of ways to use it.  As a url you essential can use it wherever a url can work including in images. In an increasing  photo conscious world  it's ingenuous. Which is why I think this is a subtle game changer. Tehn again  I can understand it's use with digital goods and services. even  some hard good such as a book, an electronic device, What  of clothing or ondemand craft makers  or other  customizable items.  how about  dealing with strangers rather than  just  "friends'. 
below are sample cases feel free to click . You can  bookmark this page or subscribe to my  newsletter for updates on  this and other technologies. 




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