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The times they are a-changin’.

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how to package and sell local  creativity and culture

Show me the Money.  Too often artist  designers and crafters cannot. Lately individuals seek to “balance tehir books by crowdsourcing,  finding a backer or “funding”. with artist it’s grants.  This type of influx of cash should be made available to jumpstart  projects that have a plan for survival.  In other words does your numbers make sense.

Time to bring others on board
I need to better organize, shape and maange the tools information and resources that  inform, educutae and teach.  In the  first  leg of this project,  I used sweat equaty as well as my  marketing and fashion skills to support this project. N ow I’m adding a site membership and a Virtual Incubator program  to support  and better manage the  next level of work in  CREATIVE  “EIN- dustrialsm”.  I’ve discovered in the early days of TibiaeTech that we need to prep those who we hope will use our platform, “Close the divide” as such.  I also  need to teach other creatives to  effectively use and teach  technology.

Why not seek Grants… 

My focus is entrepreneurship, creating natural  “earning”  ecosystems.  Beyond Grants how do we show our community to take it’s  Passion and Purpose to create  Product Services and Merchandise that allows local communties across the globe to earn income, support  their constituents and employ their population, so that they can buy  from within local communities.  The ability  to  provide for oneself is a right NOT a Privelege.

A focus on “How To” Collectively = Teach or Learn

All Creatives whether old or new need to master  Technology,  Business and  Social media.  The Creative who has taken the time to master the craftsmanship   is shaping  product services and merchandise. New creatives whether expressing  through Art | Fashion | Sewing | Craft Photography | Writing | Video and other media,  or you name it,   are seeking to get better at their passion and want  to increase  their “craftsmanship,  their mastery of the topic, specifically,  with a view of earning  an incme.

For many  “Youtube University” is not  enough. The MOOCs (M ass Open Online Courses) is not enough!  That means they want to connect withexperts “who can show” them those things that only teh  “experienced” can appreciate. For these

All worry about affordable  options to effective programs, but collaboration,  collective action and coworking makes for affordability. We discovered that we could deliver on scalable levels Online as well as Offline.

  • General articles and discussion
  • Focused newsletters
  • Workshops & seminars
  • Presentations by experts
  • On demand videos
  • Small group session
  • One on One

This site is for those willing to explare collective action as a means of fair access.



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