If you can get Google Plus #Hangouts – you will soon be able to make Free Phone Calls to US and Canada

The times they are a-changin’.

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and with that Google, just made testing an International  Creative Virtual  Incubator So much easier! Not to mention  taking local designers  global!.
I’ve said it  many times get a Gmail account! Set up your  Google Plus account and  Page and add your google Authors tag to you web page…  if non of that makes sense … use a gmail  email to  contact me below.
This week Google Plus will roll out  voice calling in it’s chrome extension. Hangout user from other countries will be able to call the US and Canada free. Even if their are a few early snags they usually work them out in a month or so  just in time for the  holiday shopping season! We’ve started working with local and foreign designers prepping them  for international sales!

I’ve used skype but it’s clumsy and eats up bandwidth a challenge for  my  international contacts. Since BBM may be the phone of choice inmany  countries  Google has  firmly positioned itself as an alternative… that allows users to keep their BBM while acccessing video and voice calling from a browser… which means you can be on FB, Google plus and  all talk and chat. Yes we’ve been doing it … but  using video conferencing  and “secretly”  chatting in on another platform for public hangouts.


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Whats more …

you can add multiple phone numbers and video participants to the same call; and you can play sound effects (like applause or laughter) with the Google Effects app.



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