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More On Independence As Economic Self-Determination

For centuries women have used self-employment to gain independence for themselves and their families. As I explained in my contribution to ‘ The Community Book Project: Independence”, I am an advocate of independence through self-employment. You see

“It's easy to be independent when you've got money. But to be independent when you haven't got a thing - that's the Lord's test.” ~ Mahalia Jackson

My goal is to empower women with the "means" to get things and still be there when the kids come home from school! So what exactly does this entail, what does it look like and how does it work? Are we not essentially free to do so?

We live in a free and equal society and theoretically, we are free to pursue these goals.  however, laws, socio-economic and other factors impact the ability to leverage this "freedom". A spirit of independence is the mind-shift between waiting for a solution and not only declaring your best solutions but executing them! It's self-determination.  Follow me or subscribe to my newsletters or feeds to hear more on this in later months.

In 2018 the Guardian's headline read-" The US retail industry is hemorrhaging jobs – and it's hitting women hardest", with a reported 129,000 job loss! Many are not going to find newly hiring positions. Self-employment is their sole option! In the years that I have studied and explored the ability of technology to empower and liberate  I have seen this economic independence serve families, not just keeping them afloat but allowing them to employ others and contribute to their communities!  My role, finding ways to help makes these endeavors logistically easier and more profitable.

  • Identifying their unique skill talent, knowledge or at the least making it unique within their niche!
  • Creating   products or services and designing "deliverables."
  • Strategizing  "logistics" or "how to's" that are cost effective and scalable
  • Developing support systems that allow for sourcing production, financing marketing, and delivery... really the same things a larger business needs but being lean and innovative in how one achieves and executes!
  • Lobbying for the right to independent self-employment

The Independent may not have the freedom to operate!

Yes, you read that right! Often referred to as cottage, kitchen counter or underground businesses it may surprise many, including those doing the business,  that operating these is, in fact, operating outside the law.  Modern technology, social media, and new apps allow for location-free commerce and have landed the digitally empowered self-employed mom smack in the middle of zoning conflicts.

As we celebrate Independence... let us remember that

the ability to provide for oneself is a right, not a privilege!

"What does independence mean to you?"
This was the prompt that started my foray into the role of "author"!   The Book,

"The Community Book Project: Independence "

is now available on Amazon and I now have an Amazon Authors Page!
Simply put a community of 100+ contributing authors answered this question in 200 words or less. Their entries are gathered in this book and includes stories about living out loud (and on your own). There are tales of friends and flags and even one about...  READ MORE



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