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The times they are a-changin’.

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“At some point a man must ask why God created him”… Jamie Casino.

This looks more like a trailer for a movie than an ad for a personal Industry lawyer, but with this one 2 min stab at storytelling this attorney has altered his course.

Currently at over 4 million views in only 3 days (that’s roughly over 40 views per dollar spent), The attorney’s risk has opened up options he had not conceived of.  Any new business, well personal injury lawyers understand that their marketing is long term. Their startegy is to be the name you remember when you need them. Casino, will be the name that many now remenmber when they need a personal injury lawyer. his story though set him apart, playing on a sense of justice fro the unfortunate and even hints at “Michael the avenging angel”

  • Yup… few who have watched the video, would have picked up on this. Casino tailored his story and where it appeare, to appeal to abiding, church going, good vs evil middle America. The type of client who hesitate using “regular” personal injury lawyers. His is an ‘ordained’ cause.

So “why  has God created you… and by extension your mission or business…
This is one I’m sharing with every business owner I work with or who will listen.

  • What’s your why?
  • What’s your story?
  • More Importantly  how do you tell that  story on a local  business budget?

Creative strategy is needed and  customized solutions or the  “how to”  of creating them  can be taught or outsourced,  We can  count on seeing much more on this topic.



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