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The times they are a-changin’.

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Kuumba Creativity- To  invest always , the ability or power to create or to bring into existence,with a new form, or to produce through imaginative skill, or  to make or bring into existence  new things as much as we can, in the way we can, in order to leave our community more beautiful and beneficial than we inherited it!

At least that’s my rendition of the Webster’s definition.  if you start saying , its… x or y lighten up!  Creativity means letting go of rules!

I do a  design exercise that has`one rule; if it exist set it aside…  I simply change for change sake… eventually you have to come up with new ways to change!

Still asking  what is creativity? I always keep a design lab or project! Sometimes to instigate creativity I ask what if… change the elements!  Put boundaries and enforce them!

  • How would you design if cloth were rationed?
  • If utilities were scarce?
  • If you had only one fabric or simply curtains or table cloths!?
  • No sewing Machine…

The following was written in 2009 and published on other blogs.  It was part of a series addressing culture, creativity  collaboration and commerce and the adaptation, adopting and integration of new media and web 2.0!  Observations are solely my own personal views and assessment and I welcome any opportunities to convince me otherwise!  Kuumba (Creativity): To do always as much as we can, in the way we can, in order to leave our community more beautiful and beneficial than we inherited it.

So what is creativity and how do we honor and celebrate it! It’s a little after 12 midnight, we’re into 2010, I have been pondering this all day. More importantly I have been trying to find a tactful way to address how I feel on the issue….  too many of us have stopped exercising and nurturing our creativity! 2010 Let’s kiss Apathy goodbye

KISS (Keep It stupid Simple)

I’ve heard that said at countless community and even business meetings! It’s  time to rethink that. Anything with “Stupid” attached to  it need not be a part of any mantra! It actually takes a lot of creativity and smarts to keep things simple and effective!

Creativity requires thought…  it demands deconstructing and restructuring patterns and theories! To do so we need to ask questions! They may be silently expressed to ourselves or discussed with others; but  asking questions is a crucial part of creative process! So why is the process of questioning now “taboo”. I’ve heard “sorry” so often when someone has a question… why do we apologize for seeking to expand our perception and knowledge! I’m moving towards 2010 with a mission of nurturing creativity, so I’ll probably touch this topic some more, but I’d start with a simple exercise! Every day, be conscious of something you are doing! Whether it’s brushing your teeth  or your travel route, ask yourself…

  1. … is there another way to do this?
  2. Can I make it better?
  3. Can I make it more fun?
  4. How can I change this,
  5. Can I make it more pleasurable or solve a problem?

Creativity is not just about artistic expression, so you do not need to be an artist to exercise your creativity! Go Ahead TRY something new each day!

Kuumba join me in a Creative exploration at this  Google Plus community!



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