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Can’t find the clothing you want?  Is your style truly unique or is it a matter of Fit?  If your question is “Where can I find…” then you may be overlooking a crucial option for wardrobe  procurement!

Want  all of your wedding party to shine! Concerned the sister next to you in the pew or dinner party may turn up with the same dress.  Even if you need or want well tailored suits and dresses for business attire head to the local custom dressmaker.

The local  custom/bespoke  fashion professional is an affordable luxury few have heard of and is in fact takes less energy  and resources than shopping luxury brands. I know families that travel to Brooklyn or wherever there designer/dressmaker is located.

That  diva who always seems well suited, trust me she gets her clothing custom made or altered. Many may  believe that the best dress wear designer clothing “off the rack”. they understand the value of customizing or tailoring a garment to one’s body and silhouette.  Regardless of what they, their designer or stylist says, few are true designer’s sizing.

But note, alterations especially well done alterations are expensive. It’s more than fit. In the long run it may be less costly to work with a designer to create the looks and get the  fabric, color and finish  you want.

That  diva who always seems well suited trust me she gets her clothing custom made or altered. Many believe that the best dress wear designer clothing “off the rack”.  Regardless of what they their designer or stylist say, few are true designer’s sizing.  Alterations especially well done alterations are expensive. Some offer personal shopping… for me that can be a waste of time… the shortest(less expensive) distance to  what you want is a straight line.

I know because I and my designer/dressmaker  colleagues have customized and/or altered for some of the leading names!  It is as simple as,  lengthening or shortening, to reshaping by altering side seams or the extreme completely  creating a new garment  in size 14 from two size 10’s.

It’s difficult to correctly access how the body morphs after size 8-10 so finding a median  for measurements and patterns is tough!

Choosing a personal style professional/s. You need someone who can design, fit and execute…  not every stylist” can

  • Can they FIT! I’d recommend finding a professional dressmaker or tailor near you, fit is still a hands on component! Not everyone can fit so do your homework.
  • Sewing technique, ask for samples of  zippers, hems, buttonholes to see how well they are executed.  here experience matter… a professional seams stress in the industry can run $75 an hour. Skill is crucial and valued… students cannot execute at the  same level…
  • Design use a tool such as Stylesight  or Pinterest  to collect  your “tear sheet” of items you’d like! Want privacy use a Picasaweb album A designer can leverage these into inspirations for your unique look.
  • Body Analysis and custom design… understanding how garments and your body type combine to affect the “visual cues” that others will interpret is vital. it is something I taught all my customers.  “What works  for  you”  is something every adult should be cognizant of.

So before you invest in items that  would require further outlay of time and cash to give you the effect you desire, consider your options and head to  your local,   custom/bespoke  fashion professional.

The Association of Sewing and Design Professionals has a nationwide referral lists. 

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