Learn to cover shoes (and Bags) in African Fabric, Floral or lace fabric

The times they are a-changin’.

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inspiration fabric covered accessories - lace- african fabrics-prints- learn how to One of my colleagues  will be teaching a shoe , bag and  accessory covering  class! I’m so hyped I had to share the news!  I know a lot of people with skills and I plan to hit up each one to teach  a class! Yes I’ll be teaching some myself and we’ll be doing the same with  my tech  colleagues!
You heard it right!

Not just  classes but …

We’re introducing Classes to help individuals earn a living…  making!Everyone is about  making… and their are tons of flea markets and artisan markets and site, yet someone we get  complaints that  customers can’t find what they want and about the quality!

So we’re about  to teach people to  make and do things so they can  pay the bills while building their dream companies! here’s the rationale. From 2005-2012 I worked with individuals helping them build out their products as I built out  a creative industries course! it always came down to  whether or not they could even  pay their basic. Those that had a skill, could sew make jewelry or teach sewing  or making  jewelry etc could support  themselves and their families! So we’re partnering with some of our maker friends, experts not  just folks who  took a Youtube course, But  folks with solid years of experience, and encouraging them to teach classes! We’re even giving a free workshop this Sunday on Teaching and more specifically designing an affordable program that is profitable!

Classes will be held at The Esaie Couture Design School with online support  for those who mention Tibiaetech!

To participate http://tuberiam.tibiaetech.com

And we’ll be hosting an artisan Market and night  coworking! To shop http://Vip.BKFFF.com

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