Learn to Machine knit

The times they are a-changin’.

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this is knitConsidering  Investing in a Knitting Machine, or perhaps you already have one! Understanding the parts of the knitting machine and supplies will help .

This is Knit!

An introductory Knitting class that  will teach you how to use a knitting machine. Learn the techniques, observe different types of knitting machines, manipulate designs by using different yarns and/or designs such as the cable stitch, kriss kross, Instructor Brooklyn fashion designer from Brooklyn, More Info http://www.esaiecouturedesignschool.com/MachineKnitClasses.html Registration &  Fee  https://bookwhen.com/hcy28/201304211100/ypa

See https://Greenbkstyle.eventbrite.com for full program! and remember 10% off when you use code “BKStyle”



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