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Play or Be Played through March 

Yes, it’s February, and  you read right;- Bedroom Bullies for women; Front end lifters for men; and “fix your  Bizness”  Love and BS, life gets interesting around February… submit your name to my email  list  (use a Gmail account To be invited to  our Google Hangout)  

I’m working  with on  the marketing of a Play … Yes I  take technology  everywhere!  I’m also  helping  a friend and gifted herbalist  Victoria’s Teas. Recently I decided to record my conversation with both women which  led to two great  discussions- The type of discussion that happens in local businesses and frankly  I miss having! I’ve also made the decision to start dating again… and blogging about it!  There seems to be a misconception that a personal life is a hindrance to a successful business! This too is one of the conversation topics I miss… one of the topics I know my fellow female entrepreneurs wrestle with.  Which is why I’ve decided to take it on personally! One of teh first  Things I ask when working on Building a creative business is what arrangements have you made fro your personal Life. Creatives need balance and inspiration m maore that any othet niche they have to accommodate their needs!

Here  is the transcript  from  my conversation with Lady Victoria of Victoria’s Teas INC The  Google Hangout discussed is set for February 10th   with the time (between 6-10)

It’s time to deal with love…  I’m looking at life and reflecting on choices and decided it’s time to truly  bring Technology into life, using it to discuss love and other of life’s BS Join my Mailing List  (use gmail for hangout)




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