Adjustable version of the Magic Dress aka Moroccan, Indonesian, Bangladesh or Ethnic

The times they are a-changin’.

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For those looking for directions or a pattern on How to make the – ” Magic Dress”, the video instructional is now ready! This is an “adjustable” version designed for sale as it accommodates various heights.  The magic dress also is known as the Morrocan  magic dress because of the use of
Cut on the bias, this is an Ethnic style I was inspired to create from the Indian women of my native Trinidad, unaware of the existence in other countries. I’m sharing my version of the adjustable dress which was designed in the mid-1990’s to accommodate various heights, varies hemlines and the wearable artist! I have sufficed that the “Moroccan” is due to the origins of the  susti (sousdi, susde, sousde) fabric, used by manufacturers.

I’m also prepping a second version, geared to the custom market which looks at a more traditional neckline and shows how to make those that you buy shorter. Note the commercial versions are often too long  for those shorter than 5’6″

I am a designer and for the life of me cannot comprehend why folks have not taken this design concept further so in video 3- we look at ethnic design,  variations in style including a single layer version that can be layered or worn over trousers with even more styling options!

I also wanted to explore various “modes” or models of releasing  items that  I have designed to impact local communities.

Since our target is those who wish to resell and in celebration of  Small Business Week.

Video 1 – Double Entendre Magic Dress

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Video 2 – Customizing The Magic
Video 3-  Styling & merchandising the magic

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