Jumpstart Our Businesses & Startups is an Act-ion Series- President’s Day special!

The times they are a-changin’.

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Cynthia dennard at 4w circle of Arts and enterprise

It’s not a business till you  Make The Sell… So why  aren’t you selling. Join me as I  present a special Jumpstart Our Businesses & Startups is an  Act-ion Series- President’s Day special Get all eight sessions for the Price of  One(session) plus an option to bring along your partner  for just $14 more! When you register you’ll be sent our logical business plan guide so you can immediately start communicating  your new dream or reviewing you present business! Each session will shed light on the why and options  of the steps… at the end we’ll ask you to refine  your strategy.  You should have the tools and relevant information vital to growth.   Wednesday 20th

  • Understanding the New frontier in Business and technology & what is expected of you.

Thursday 21st

  •  Concept development & Application – (what are you actually selling and to whom)

Friday 22nd

  • More than a website- Digital (Web, Mobile Electronic)  Presence  and Space Solutions

Saturday 23rd

  • Collateral Creation – Media &- Content – audio, video, Images Text

Sunday- 24th

  • Marketing( how to get them there – SoMoLoCo- 2- Inbound- Integrated-  collaborative &  social)

Monday 25th 

  • Conversion – turning eyes into cash- Sales – price- people- perception-Process

Tuesday 26th

  • Your Profit strategy… Making the sell should mean making a Profit (a practical guide)

Wedmesday 27th

  • Bootstrapping, Financing or Funding.. Where the money’s at ( means of making your dream a reality)

Thursday 28th- 

  •  Defining your “why what and how… “

Mike Check Sunday 17th 7-9pm   – free Afraid of workshops, not sure you can get the  feed- “mike check”  Gives you an opportunity to sample my  communication style! It is a prep session, to get you ready, time, work, family and  other responsibility, perceptions and the actual use of  online telesprence tools (video- adobe flash) will be tested

  •  SoM0L0C0 – This ain’t my MaMa’s Dress Shoppe… getting real about  local businesses!
Jumpstart  Our Businesses & Startups is an introductory  “Act-ion” Series  of daily  mini-workshop and tasks meant to instigate the shift from employee or non employed to entrepreneur.  We see the local economy as an ecosystem, in  our first year of TibiaeTech we realized, Startups needed small businesses, who needed independent or freelance  personnel  or manufacturers! We decided to create a version of our tested creative entrepreneurial curriculum for small businesses and freelancers!  all  program are designed to get local economies moving. It’s also the last “introductory series i’ll do  outside of TibiaeTech management! “make the sell consist of eight sessions that explore the Why, what and  how” of emerging businesses. it is delivered in a conversation  manner that is easy to absorb and not at all daunting!




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