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The times they are a-changin’.

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Where can I get that - Social shopping local global busienss opportunities“How can I get that”- Will discuss Challenges in Social Commerce & Global opportunity for local Creative Industry

Update we’ll discuss the challenges of  distribution services at our Google hangout  during


We like, love, share, pinned & follow to our heart’s or fingers content! Now all that’s left is answer the question I’ve seen in so many comment sections- “how can I get that?”

Social media promises the Creative and Artisans to Increase their earnings and help build their communities and economies! I’ve long suspected that the reality keeps falling short! I fell in love with the cake in this image… a night spent “googling” and I’m still trying to discover not just who created it but “how can I get that” and from comments in the posts, so are many!

Will sites pop up promising to help you sell what on these via these curation tools, there are challenges. It’s easy when the item is from  larger mass produced standard product line!  The problem is those are NOT what my networks likes, pins, shares follows or posts.

So  how do we get our hands on our Social desires!

This presentation will address the opportunity in Creative “Ein-Dustries” and explore  a new global yet local approach to “custom”. Presentation will include footage images and discussions with Global creative. Bonnie Sandy helps local Creatives build &expand their product range using new media & emerging technology. Working with designers, artist, crafters, dancers, dramatist, from Russia To India, St. Lucia and Africa she embraced the challenges and began exploring telepresence, new models for production and challenging accepted practices in the use of social media. Results include zero charge backs, Increased of 20-30% each quarter, Production capacities up from 50 units to 900 per month and improved quality.



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