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I  specialize  in  Creative Product Development .. who fall under today’s buzzwords Makers and  artisans. Buzz. marketing, starts with the  product! The Items In the above video were developed by myself or other artist, makers and creators I’ve worked with during the period 2003-2012 and actually represent just of a fraction of the collective body of work!I My expertise runs from cradle to cradle, with a focus on fair wages and sustainability in local economies I work with various artist creators makers, designers or artisans through all stages of the “Creative Ein-dustrial” Process. (The development of a lucrative industry around the making process) I currently am accepting and working only with select projects. To discuss your project please submit the relevant info(copy between lines, answer and paste in the form below)

Designing  products to  sell and that sell, takes time and artisans crafters and other skilled resource personnel need to be fairly compensated!
How Much… All parties concerned must define the scope of the job as well as  understandi  of what  will be required and/or needs to be executed! It may help if  e identify the process I  utilize along with questions, requirements and standard recommended rates (I am  a creative enterprise advocate for fair wages within the sector). i usually work through the following
  • General ideas–
  • Concept  development ;-
  • Concept  communication & Assessment – prototype and/or images
  • Technical Sample development..
  • Product Sample Development
  • Production Collateral
interested parties are asked to submit note on the following
General Idea
  • please outline a broad scope of your project
  • how consistent is this source and  at what volume
  • describe the component
  • are the styles consistent or is it a “surprise”  situation

Concept development

  • What is your consumer profile
  • Targeted whole sale Price point
  • Market position
  • Where will these be sold
  • why will the customer buy them
  • How much is “up-cycling” desired… in other words can the  other components be “fresh  sources”
  • how consistent
  • what are your marketing  point…
  • how broad is your desired product range
Concept  communication & Assessment – prototype and/or images
  • Is this a flat open process ie “work as insprired presenting all aspects developed
  • Per product bases…
  • Is Transfer of Copyright expected
  • would you prefer images or a structural “Blacks” in the concept
Technical prototypes
  • A technical Prototype is a concept prototype thie the  object with the toy attached” submitted for final production specs to defined
  • chosen from The best of concepts submitted for  with  final  sample  selecting orders
Product Sample 
  • Final samples orders with adjustments  From technical prototypes
  • product samples are what  stores will receive
  • They are presented with piece rate costing
Production Collateral
  • one sample ready  for show/sale
  • sourcing list
  • production patterns & instruction
  • Piece rate costing
Making It to sell it
As an advocate in economic development, I  recommend and will only work on project that facilitate a fair wages…
As an independent Product  developer
  • Independent per hour or Flat rate- see suggested rates below
  • Licensed Agreed upon development fee plus license rate
  • Flat production we develop concept and product at a fixed per unit cost!
Recommended Standard fair wage for Local production… NYC area.. Standard rates are based on 1 Year Field experience and increase with  expertise and experience
  • Design- Concept  development ;& Concept  communication & Assessment – prototype and/or images ($45.00 Plus an Hour)
  • Technical Sample development..  ( (Starts at $ 35.00 Plus an Hour)
  • Product Sample Development  (Starts at $ 25.00 Plus an Hour)
  • Piece Rate Production – (Living wage of $10 an Hour)- we do a production time assessment and a quality control  guidelines. Independent contractors are paid the agreed upon piece rate, for each item meeting quality standards.
When working with an  outside company Post Development Managerial decisions…
I  worked on the independent development of a line of plush toys roughly 20 years ago! I am all too familiar with the how managerial decision process post  production can affect  sales … unfortunately not always for the better!  I have also seen successful product  pulled and sent to  foreign production facilities or more competitive production facilities!  Then there is a third scenario  a decision not to pursue the line and investment time and effort  wasted. Unfortunately we also see the product reappear in a slightly modified state and produced elsewhere (usually  in a third world country)
We encourage Local production whenever possible! We encourage clearly outlined contracts or work order agreements!

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