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I’m  going to celebrate 30 (thirty) years of designing, sewing and making by “opening” up all my expertise and availing them to others to help them earn a living. They cannot pay for professional services if they are not selling.

The most important person in the apparel tech sector is the maker. The producer of those garments. If your intent is to sell, at some point you will need to take into account the consumers needs. Their measurement, their body shape, their budget, their lifestyle, You actually need the product. You will need to MAKE product… to deliver.
All the Marketing, The Instagram, the Fashion shows, the online-offline debate, won’t matter. Unless the work gets done… and done so well it is NOT returned.

There are several levels of Sewing withing our communities
A single maker (designer, dressmaker, crafter) should target $30-$50000 a year as an independent maker
Makers with  1 or more employee $60000- $120000
and those with a small staff $120000-$250k within the first  3 years.
Then there are those aiming to make millions, as well as the startups, vying to be Unicorns. if you are not even making $1000 a month then you need help.  that’s where my making to sell focus comes in. No one says that, In fact, it’s taboo to speak of earnings.  To achieve these individual and collective goals it’s time to get real! It’s time to put several tools and strategies we’ve been testing into play… First up I’m moving to a dedicated mailing list…  This will help us streamline so that I do not stress my time or resources.

Getting news of opportunities to the design community – Mailing list (see below)
Building consumer confidence Educating designers…
Better sewing, I have a free group where professionals can post questions, share ideas and tips on SEWING
I discuss business tools technology etc
Help designers be found and establish value- Tell them what you do and where to find you (
STOP THE PRACTICE OF COPYING by building design skills-
Cut cost by sourcing collectively
Cut cost by opting up my pattern ( and those of others who opt in)
Introduce Printing options so designers have unique Fabrics

can learn more of the sector and focus less on Hype. transparency by giving correct credit can also help. FIT offers styling and business of Fashion workshops, learn the basic as well as the terminology.

Provide solution to “I’m looking for”- with
the Fashion Finder Map – (info coming  soon)
Curated Directory  –
Email new of News of designer offering to an opt-in list –
Common  more realistic sizing=

I will be marketing, sending info on workshops etc solely to those who sign up! If it you are interested in
“Making to sell” it is in YOUR best interest to sign up and check your emails

If you are interested in our Make to sell offers and instructionals
Please subscribe here –

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