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Mark your media when Marketing- Tasteful Social Attribution

The times they are a-changin’.

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I’ve taken to signing  posts and images with my  website, and I have to admit I am not sure if it is “correct”.  Having looked at how people use Social media I believe it is the best  approach.  I am NOT an employee of Facebook or Google Plus, and lately  Social media reading and responding, engaging as such  has become extremely  time consuming. I am on  Social media channels not just for the  fun, or knowledge but to meet people and expand my network. I also stand by what I say.  Hence the signature…

There has been so many advancements in the tech tools I have  access to since I started using technology  as a design business tool in  2004, however many come to technology simply to supplement  what they usually  do, rather than adapt and adopt it to maximize effect.  Recently one of the young designers I work with found her image on a popular page with absolutely  no credit.  That strengthened my  resolve to add the  source on the lower left or right  discretely. However  observing  some users I realized they never  click through, so I’ve taken to  “bitstrip” like captions.  I’m still developing that as a style.

Then there are the social embeds, what and how to use these.

Designing “Logic” into strategy is essential.  However culture trumps reason. My method makes sense but  as I  added my website to this post  I wondered, did it seem to  “pushy”.  The truth is many  follow because they lack the  courage to make decisions on their own, but also because “reasonable” choices are often at the least  judged, at the worst penalized.  That small act of placing info on these look book  images to a media outlet such as “Accessories Magazine”  rather than  being standard, just may seem  “pushy” to design labels. There is also the possibility that  they  do not  know how to add these, they s may in fact send these lookbooks out to be complied. I get  so many calls asking how to adjust or make changes that we’re adding a lookbook  workshop to next  year’s session.

The featured image is a simple image play using Picasa’s desktop tool

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