Micro closes Kickstarter Campaign with $3.4 mil raised from over 11, 800 funders

The times they are a-changin’.

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It may surprise many that the The Micro which closed it’s Kickstarte Campaign with over 11000 backer and $3.4Million  raised, was just one of 125 projects on  kickstarter related to 3D Printing. and 25 for laser cutters. So I was surprised to  find not one realted to digital textile printers. So their is room for some innovation  yet!

While many  are wowwed by the money raised I hope they will pay attention to the design not just of the campaign but the product… Kickstarter is not simply about getting money , but funding viable products and projects! I would bet they  put out  a couple thousands of their own resurces before stepping  up to a campaign.

The 3D printer is such a core part of the designers studio of the future, That every designer should be  upgrading their digital design skills, even though the Micro promises to be plug and play!

The image shows buttons , buckles etc designed for printing at the Shapeways 3D system. an order I had to cancel after delivery challenges, which brings up a key point , all this tech means nothing if basic system such as UPS cannot be relied on.  So here’s hoping that by 2016 all fall into line



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