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You can have a professional web presence that is FREE. knowing the right tools and a bit of elbow grease can get you started! I  want to see each business with a solid online presence that they can build on! Join US
Monday January 18th 2016 – 1pm-4pm
Stratosphere Studio
227 Utica Avenue
Brooklyn NY 11213
Price $25.00

We’re hosting  designers creatives artist and artisans

Having a dream is one thing. Attaining that dream is another. Today Technology can help companies attain that goal by putting the world within reach of your product!  Yet I am constantly surprised by the number of creatives, designers artist crafters who do not have a website, or who  honestly believe that “facebook” is all they need.

A starting website can run your $1200 and up and that is outside Domain, Hosting service and special Optional services  – Seo – social media -sales – graphic design, copywriter etc.  Great for new cottage entrepreneurs with budgets concerns – we’ll share

List of free web options
Integrating Social media strategy
Imaging and video tools

Prep Communications that sell – Media design on a budget- Communicating the why , your values, your vision, your brand

Design an effective web and social strategy
Learn which pages are vital
How to Build your

  • Authority/Brand Sites
  • Landing Pages
  • Portfolios
  • Sales pages
  • E-commerce site
  • Personal Portals
  • Blogs

Refund policy… Services are Nonrefundable.
Cancellation 48 hrs… store credit only.




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