My Mom’s Handcrafted Sugar Blooms Adorn Her Traditional Caribbean Black Cake is Simply Amazing

The times they are a-changin’.

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There is little that can  surpass my mom’s traditional Caribbean  Black cake, except of course her Sorrel Cake, but the cake decorating  she executes on both is simply amazing!  This pic actually  inspired me to add a section  highlighting the many talented crafters I know! My Mom  was the first and from an early  age got me involved in may arts and crafts.. She has retired from Professional Dressmaking and  teaching  dressmaking and sewing.  classes but f course she has a new “love”

The traditional Trinidad Wedding  cake is Black  rum-soaked fruit cake.  This makes for a Potent  treat and some save the top  layer for their first  Anniversary.
So what  do retired dressmakers do well apart from spoiling grandkids, both my aunt and my mom  now enjoy  cake decorating!  Both have a flair for flowers and give classes and workshops! My Mom  also does a wedding dress cake (will add that image) assoon as I can get a hold of it!

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