Moving to a membership model- Lifetime for $5.00 till 9-22-13

The times they are a-changin’.

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[portfolio_slideshow] is  moving to a paid membership model. Great content  is not free.  A site membership would mean vested constituents who can shape what they desire and need. This would enable me to invest  in new forms of content, research, editing, new images (I do not use stock images) while creating programing  for both entertainment and education and developing the web series that  many have requested.

Anyone who signs up before midnight September 22nd 2013 will get a lifetime membership for a one time $5.00. Use this button and we will manaually add you within 24 hrs.



Annual Site member Ship of $20.00 sign up before 9-22-13 and get a lifetime mebership for $5.00

Last  week at a memorial service I sat next to one of the first artist who had  sat in on what today has blossomed into a number of component aimed at helping creatives. we got to speaking and she indicated she was interesting in supporting what I  do. I’ve been thinking about this for a while and decided on a Membership for

Developing  programs is time consuming and since my  goal is to provide access to infoormation to those who Need it, I needed a scalable model.  I  want to keep advertising low or  at the least  to be selective.  I also want to create unique content…

The open site will still exist.



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