Music and Media- Digital Space – Content is King.

The times they are a-changin’.

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Media & technology;- Under this umbrella falls The Communicative and Interactive  arts such as Music, Media and Gaming, creating industry and opportunity  using technology.  I asked a friend , a Singer and Musician what were her products… she cited Youtube ,  CD’S and Downloads. So how’s that working for you, I asked… to which  she looked at me as though she had never really  thought of it before. I’m rethinking Creativity  Fashion, Art, media/Music and Entertainment in the Digital space and as a Creative industry. I’m getting real with  creatives asking for help.

When I  started this project  I was working with The Central Brooklyn Jazz Consortium. it gave me an opportunity to observe close up how this sector is affected and how poorly and “traditional” the music sector was.

ein-dustry ecosystem
Music is simply a  part of many people’s life, background “noise”, as is most content on the web and like most  content in the digital form – media- recordings of audio and video as well as print and digital renderings of words and images are costly to produce. few have figured out how to monetize their efforts. Then there are other needs

  • “Proper” Space
  • Costly  Equipment
  • Saturated Distribution  arena.
  • Affordable IP management
  • proven Solid Revenue Models.

But  monetization  is the sore point. many  depend on sponsorship or patronage of some type. we’ve studied discussed and explored various revenue models as far back as 2003. however it always come back to  what the media person is offering, Product, Services, merchandise. The media menu is the value component!

That  same friend recently  made the decision to  concentrate on  her video rather than invest in a space to expand her workshops. She wanted a grant before she moved ahead. without a track record there would be no grant. I also noted to myself that her determination to  “make it Big” put  a higher value on the videos that gave her exposure rather than  a steady income stream.

Therein lies the biggest challenge  the desire for FAME rather than a focus on developing a creative industry create a narrow focus on the opportunities. What if  media was taken  outside the box… what would they  do with technology if they  could direct it. How would they  , could they monetize it!

Few creatives want to acknowledge that they have a full plethora of responsibility out side of  making  craft, should they choose to pursue their creativity as a career. Getting real is tough but  when we do and give them  guidelines I repeatedly see them overcome the hurdles… now if only we can create a shift from FAME.

Innovation and change means working through the  kinks in your new concepts.  It means educating consumers. Their is such a stake on  correctness in teh music  and media sector that  risk is not encouraged.

We’ve explore an Online Film Festival, I’ve helped choreographer Marlies Yearby  explore audio in Virtual Meditations. listened to and viewed a snippet of writer and musician Daniel Jose Older’s newly  released Salsa Nocturna. Which hints at  new revenue models for media creatives  such as this test member ship site.

So how do we encourage creative to be well CREATIVE with their business and revenue models?



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