It’s My Way or The Highway

The times they are a-changin’.

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mywayThe Confessions of a Passive aggressive Leader would have been a more apt title for this post !

I was LIVID a few weeks ago when  one of my partners told me this in the  course of a heated debate. I literally asked him  what the hell he meant, in a tone that was not very pleasant. One look  at me and he simply  replied, “Nothing.”

It has been on my  mind since then as is  my focus on creating  change. “Bossy” is not  a nice term  and as an artist   I really  crave a “quite studio at the top of the  hill overlooking an  ocean”. As a female “Bossy”  is not considered an attractive  trait.  So I kept  hoping that  others would would take the mantel and lead.  We all seemed to recognize the same need  and voiced the same solution, I assumed they would execute.   My  parents spent  a lot of time teaching diplomacy and fairness, As the eldest of six siblings being fair and respectful of others is deeply  ingrained and as a believer in an open  society I am especially mindful of the rights of others!

So why is such a person now proclaiming


trust me it is not  ego but a simple realization…

 When you’re doing things differently, creatively, you need order to do them well!  Then the paradox is that EVERYONE on the team needs to do things the same way, so that the things you do are done exceptional and it  becomes easier to identify the challenges and make changes!




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