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NYukCO  is a Popup Incubator, virtual space & #fashiontech collective, focused on exploring affordable design, maufacturing & distribution in #socialcommerce

NYukCO celebrates
The power of the collective,
The beauty of individuality,
The impact of technology,
NYukCO is a space for growth!

Under the arm of Brooklyn Fashion Week  I’m leading a charge for local designers to define  practical solutions that can positively impact their sector. As designer, creative industrial activist and a tech geek, I’ll actually be marruing my  over 30 years experience in both traditional & local cottage fashion sector to my  Tech expertise and exploration in the adoption and adaptation of such technologies for creative industries growth. What excites me abput this isthat other designers colleague I respect and admire are coming aboard, With on e goal to strengthen that which we truly love!

We’ll have pre launch events every Sunday, we open at 12-2 for interested designers and  2 7 pm  deigners will be available for sails and consultations on April 12, & 19 th, 2015. So this ais a great time to explore the best talent for your Prom and seasonal Special occasion  Bespoke design needs!


NYukCO ,  first and foremost is a pop up #socialretail venue, a cluster venue to help consumers find creative Bespoke cottage designers. It is a space designed to build consumer  confidence in local brands. Allowing potential customers, to  experience first hand the quality of materials in a garment, as well to test the fit and assess the quality of construction of local design offerings.  Such a space allows the consumer the luxury of informed decisions, in a comfortable and creative environment.

NYukCO  is also a designers collective a  concept solution for the creative cottage sector, that allows them to do what they do best, design solutions, not just for the apparel needs of their customers but also procedures to enhance the sale of their goods ad services

NYukCO is a #Fashiontech incubator

COMPONENTS – NYukCO  is a  Pre-startup project , we’re building the components as we identify needs

NYukC0.com will extend the offline support to a virtual setting. What will a virtual pop up look like, how can we leverage technology to  support local creative business join our mailing list for updates!
NYukCO Fashion Makers Studio is an Offline space where the creative designer engages  local consumer  to discuss, and act on the needs and wants of the individual client.
BeSpoke goes Hyperlocal for Social Commerce.

  • SHOP = Support at our designers Weekly show and sell
  • EVERY WEEK is a #FashionWeek in Brooklyn At our NYukCO   spaces, Fashion show each week
  • Pretail orders allow designers to build and supply  inventory at scale – merchandise can be picked up  or mailed at a later date
  • Bespoke – Our designers are highly skilled, trained at som eof NY’s best design schools and with years of field experience.
  • Digital technology &  Fashion Tech- It explore and maximized digital technology such as video enabled shopping –
  • Incubator- Our goal is growth and so there is business and digital support , research, resources  and informaton will be shared
  • Masters Mentorship in Creative and technical the emerging designers
  • Exciting Cognitive Collaborations between designers 


Fashion’s Angels ;-

  • #Shopping Angels
  • #Tech Angels
  • #Funding Angels
  • #Resource Angels
  • #SocialCommerce Angels

We’re currently  calling collaborators

Local manufactures & Suppliers
Talent – INDEPENDENT  Models, Photographers, Hair makeup
Press – Traditional, Local and Social Media Fashion Content producers

Watch this page as it will updated in the next few weeks or submit questions below



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