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above is a slide show of Pieces By  Natacha Jospitre…  for a line she conceived and desigend Gizelle NY. It takes a lot  to  start a fashion line… but we can help designers occupy their vision… we’ve don  it repeatedly.  Out  of the door Tacha  knew her ideas were solid as boutique owners offered to  pre-fund the pieces! Yet  I saw her struggle with other aspects of  building her line!

We’re extending this opportunity . OCUPPY FASHION 

This time we want to  prep the designers for the process and take them through successful selling and interaction with the  consumer!

 At Left is a signature design I  first  produced and sold in  1996/7.  It’s a story  I  repeat to  young designers and  influenced the technique to getting  and starting a line!  in  less than  seven  days I translated an idea in to one a profitable rack item… that  fit  size 2-14, any  body type and could be worn many  days… I still get asked for this… and will be reviving it this summer!

Yet often  we miss the point  Fashion designers sell clothing… sure images and shows and evn  videos are  great! but having someone step up to you after 10 years and thanking you  for an  item  you designed is an incredible feeling!

So how do you start with little or nothing and create a line! Take the challenge! there is not another “how to start a Fashion Business”  quite like this!  YOU do the necessary work in steps.


Will You Help Me Start My Line

Experiences Helping  Young Designers Start  lines


yes you  can participate from https://www.bonniesandy.com/occupy-fashion-and-helping-others-explore-caree-options/anywhere in the globe if you are willing to improvise…

For latest updates on shopping local designers http://vip.bkfff.com

InternetweekNY  Occupy Fashion – Fashioning It BKStyle! At Arts & Culture Fest: Internet Week New York http://j.mp/Jqs71a

ARTS & CULTURE FEST http://www.artsculturefest.com/  builds artisan and entrepreneur business capacity and affects Brooklyn’s economic growth.




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