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Occupy Fashion Showcase- Fashioning It BKStyle! At Arts Culture Fest

The 2012 Event Has passed
I’ve been Occupying my “hood” since 2003
There is still work to be done CHANGE is a long term process
Please contact me for details sponsorship partnerships or suggestions!

See and Shop designs from Occupy Fashion

Think You Know what will sell… and want to start a line… or try your hand! Use the edit buttons on the mannequin image (below) and design your dream dress… tempted. Then Occupy Fashion… as an aspiring design participant

you see…

Like, Share, Follow Pin, is fine but in the end what will the consumer buy! Fashioning It Bkstyle!™ challenges those wanting to start a fashion line to join Brooklyn Fashion Week’s “Occupy Fashion!”- Start selling as early as May 19th!

To participate  in Occupy Fashion as a designer

Designers wishing  to  participate and need more details Please join list to be emailed more details!

Occupy Fashion participants will be guided through the process of researching and sourcing, concept development and design, production, marketing and sales. The ultimate lean startup program, resources, workshops and mentors will all help in the goal of getting items ready for sale before the end of the month. An integrated marketing and sales strategy exploring new and emerging  media and technologies and their practical applications for independent  sales will round off the program.  An Offline direct to market initiative at Brooklyn’s Arts Culture Fest,  one of the artisan venues launch during Internet Week NY! Affiliate partnerships with online websites and blogs will follow.

For News on Shopping  & participating http://digest.BonnieSandy.com

Fashioning IT BKStyle!™-   is about leveraging technology to design and “make” products,  services, and merchandise based on creative concepts;  leveraging new media and technology in marketing said products and again using technology to promote the use and sales of locally made products!  Fashioning IT BKStyle!™-  has been regular on Internet Week NY Calendar since its inception and has sought to include mom and pop businesses in the borough of Brooklyn!

About ARTS & CULTURE FEST  & The Creative Side 
ARTS & CULTURE FEST builds artisan and entrepreneur business capacity and affects Brooklyn’s economic growth. It provides access and opportunity to make sales and create income for Brooklyn and New York artists, craft makers and designers. It is a new venue for commerce and marketing of art and design goods. www.artsculturefest.com


Will You Help Me Start My Line

Experiences Helping  Young Designers Start  lines

yes, you can participate from https://www.bonniesandy.com/occupy-fashion-and-helping-others-explore-caree-options/anywhere in the globe if you are willing to improvise…

For the latest updates on shopping local designers

InternetweekNY  Occupy Fashion – Fashioning It BKStyle! At Arts & Culture Fest: Internet Week New York http://j.mp/Jqs71a

ARTS & CULTURE FEST http://www.artsculturefest.com/  builds artisan and entrepreneur business capacity and affects Brooklyn’s economic growth.

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