On Becoming A Fashion Critic or a Fashion Tech Critic a personal debate.

The times they are a-changin’.

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It has been sug gested to me on more than one occasion that I become a fashion critic, and I’m actually contemplating it… then this morning while catching up on reading I came across an article on teh loss of teh “fashion Critic” see my scoop.it here http://sco.lt/7g0nb7

It was 10 secs into this video (a few eeks back) that  I decided to  actually  give the role of “critique” an  honest shot. Still I hesitate – I encourage exploration and often post unedited work, but I label it as unedited. so if it’s a work in progress state this. It is even best to invite comment before completion.

As the video rolled I waited for the info it was a solid 25 secs before anything viable came on screen, It would be a almost one minute before I “saw” anything that  directly related to the designer(o:52) and then only for a brief sec.

User Friendly

The color Jarred on my  nerve and the Black writing on teh  hot  saffron yellow did nothing to ease teh tecnsion brought on by  New Yorks prolific Sinus Season… accessibility wise it was slightly  flawed! The font was much too small and moved much too quickly

As i looked for a link  (hoping  for a slower more legible communication) I could find none!

normally I’d reach out (yes uninvited and make a note)
I did not
nor did I post
why … and that maybe at the core of the lack…
Would it really matter or make a difference? What “right” did i have?



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