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The challenge of an open business format is figuring out a revenue model to make it not just sustainable but profitable. Essentially I am taking my creative assets and offering it for others to use as a form of income. In so doing It is my hope that moms especially can be home when their kids arrive home from school. That any family needed income, with moms who can sew can provide that income themselves.

A while back I realized that one of the biggest cost to the design sector is product development.  What I also found is that many began JUSTIFYING copying or using patterns meant for home or personal use for market. I am not even going to dignify the arguments or rather excuses. Those very folks often complain when they are in turn copied.

Rather I started looking at solutions. What if that cost of development was split among several individual designers? Rather than each creating their own pattern, they would have access to tested patterns.

Some then argued that the result of a designer achieved via the process of pattern making is what made that garment theirs. So in my ‘OpenSewing” process, I decided to take both approaches into account.

I started with my own line. Offering a series of instructional videos that were easy to follow will then followed through with pattern offerings. I meant this for commercial use and I soon realized that business and revenue models are part of that process.

We allow participants to utilize existing patterns or provide simple instructionals for tested styles.  The premise is simple… Create models that are open for adaptation by those within that collective circle.

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