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Open Profile Pics

My  profile pic have meaning! They tell about where I am in life!  This current pic is an ode to disco and  we launch our virtual workshop studios around this. Lingerie, Dancewear, swimwear, summer wear, evening wear... This halter has so many uses and options! My current cover pic focuses on the template we are gifting and using  for our workshop! 
Why...  I've been seeing a lot of these bra tops around lately as well as infinity straps and if you do not know better you will not be aware that these can be constructed to shape support and lift!  It became the PERFECT apparel piece to start the focus on Better fitted garments!  FOlks telling you it looks good on FB is way different from wearing something that you KNOW does not fit that makes you  look older because your breast are sagging and sitting on your stomach!  It's easier and smaller to take on as a canvas than a dress  jacket or skirt! It's quick to make and to sell... The area  to cover for the artist crafter is small enough to make offering them PROFITABLE! 
It also shows the visual sect of inspiration, "DESIGN" vs copy. It also take veers off the Making, Crafting and Fashion... paths to more of a 
Design thinking approach.  Design thinking  "is a process for solving problems by prioritizing the consumer's needs above all else. It relies on observing, with empathy, how people interact with their environments, and employs an iterative, hands-on approach to creating innovative solutions. you can sign up at   www.DeMarketplace.com/artwear but not that our Alpha pricing is on a one time bases and once workshops mature we will not be discounting them! Our current discount codes and schedule "EarlyBirdGets50" till 711/21  "MissedMyCall30" till 7/13/21 "AlphaArrives10"   till 7/15/21 
Enter code at checkout before midnight EST.

This workshop features  the convertible halter that paid my college tuition!  I built that design, I realize on the inspiration from images I saw during the 1970's  Mine does not  just simply fit around the neck  or chest it convert like what most now call "Infinity Strap", themselves from the 1970's!  These are meant for when you sweat  summer or winter... on the dance floor!  I posted them late May and June and offered the template  for Juneteenth. Now we're launching the workshop we built a workshop around them.

Unlike what most folks put on the market  the "DESIGN", of this template offers support up to a DDD/E/F bra cup as well as lifts and shapes the bust!  Many have attempted to copy by drawing or cutting via schematics,  ala YouTube but trust us, fit requires drafting  or draping and shaping!  This workshop will show you  how to further take this and "DESIGN" you own unique fit  and or style to offer as a product!  Lingerie, Dancewear, swimwear, summer wear, evening wear... so many uses and options! 

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