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FLIP A TECH: Funding Our Own Ecosystem with Vernon Lee, Jr & Mike Green

Here is the #solutioncasts #SolutionCast with Vernon Lee, Jr and Mike Green, FLIP A TECH: Funding Our Ecosystem – Finance incl. Black owned Investment Vehicles, Venture Capital, Opportunities with Inclusive Competitiveness, and other funding options. Mike Green on #Inclusivecompetitiveness Click to CONTRIBUTE & SEE THE Current CAMPAIGN   Email This Post  Print This Post Listen to this … Continue reading

On the 9th day of #techmas @badassebs sent to me, 9 Video Portals

On the 8th day of #techmas @badassebs sent to me, 9 Video Portals 8 Digital Library Tips  7 presentation Options 6 Imaging Solutions 5 time management tools 4 ‘Curation” Gems 3 audio-text converters  2 image viewers  1 Video Special   Everyone needs to thing about video in their business model.When I decided to “gift” this list. I … Continue reading


Each garment I design can be worn  multiple ways!  It gives the wearer the option to become part of the garment  to mold it, shape it, own it! Since I designed this first piece in the mid 1990’s the pieces themselves have evolved because of that consumer input!  Now I’m rethinking all those signatures. This particular … Continue reading


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