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Convincing Community To Invest In Tech Spaces

we need to increase technology in Black and urban  communities if our kids are to  compete. Tech cluster bring a community of support and resources! as witnessed in Dumbo and Williamsburg. However it is especially important in areas where women are the heads of households and Entrepreneurs! Take a good look at the map above. … Continue reading

The Fashion Film from a Company That makes Victoria Secret Look Second Rate

One more Hour for your pleasure! Compare the videos from Agent Provacateur and Victoria Secrets!  In reverse order from from  Fall 2010 to the fall 2012 Campaign! Warning not  for you’ll have a hard time explaining this to the boss! Seriously though look at the progression in story telling and getting a brand’s distinctive voice … Continue reading

MOOCs – Raising the Question- “Is Value Always Tied To Purpose or Profit Lines?”!

If you were called a “Moocs ” when I was growing up it  meant you were deliberately  Not Brilliant! Today the world over MOOCs are massive open online courses,  given by top  universities. I  still prefer OCW open coursewear… but hey! You’ll find an extensive list of Mooc’s in this post  to which we’d add edX which we picked up in this You … Continue reading

Love and BS – Play or be Played – Fix yuh Bizness- Bedroom Bullies- Front End lifters

Yes, it’s February, and  you read right;- Bedroom Bullies for women; Front end lifters for men; and “fix your  Bizness”  Love and BS, life gets interesting around February… submit your name to my email  list  (use a Gmail account To be invited to  our Google Hangout)   I’m working  with on  the marketing of a Play … Continue reading

How Artist Should Speak to Guests & Consumers at Art Festivals- The Do’s

creative entrepreneurs do not have the option of avoiding these questions, when they are posed… if they plan to sell. Yes youare a creative… in thestudio. When you step into the “Fair”,  you are a sales person… Your job is to sell  the art. If this is difficult hire an agent or a sales rep.  … Continue reading

Challenging The Divide;- Is The Problem one of Perception, Culture, or Lack of a Platform

The “Challenging the Divide, Perceptions, Stereotypes, Myths, Misconceptions and Realities as to the “lack of minority-owned businesses in today’s Tech Sector! ” Presentation doc is online at Is the issue of a divide really one of perception… above video of Wright: ‘Closing the Divide: Perception Problem’ from Open Society Foundations and The American Values … Continue reading

Technology and The Dream a Look Ahead on The 50th Anniversary Of the March on Washington

August 28th is the 50th Anniversary of the  march on Washington & Dr King’s “I have a dream speech” from across the US  we pulled  together  a group of Black Tech and advocacy leaders for a Google Hangout on air to discuss “Technology &  It’s Role in Facilitating The dream. Event Invite Technology  & The … Continue reading


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