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MOOCs – Raising the Question- “Is Value Always Tied To Purpose or Profit Lines?”!

If you were called a “Moocs ” when I was growing up it  meant you were deliberately  Not Brilliant! Today the world over MOOCs are massive open online courses,  given by top  universities. I  still prefer OCW open coursewear… but hey! You’ll find an extensive list of Mooc’s in this post  to which we’d add edX which we picked up in this You … Continue reading

Love and BS – Play or be Played – Fix yuh Bizness- Bedroom Bullies- Front End lifters

Yes, it’s February, and  you read right;- Bedroom Bullies for women; Front end lifters for men; and “fix your  Bizness”  Love and BS, life gets interesting around February… submit your name to my email  list  (use a Gmail account To be invited to  our Google Hangout)   I’m working  with on  the marketing of a Play … Continue reading

How Artist Should Speak to Guests & Consumers at Art Festivals- The Do’s

creative entrepreneurs do not have the option of avoiding these questions, when they are posed… if they plan to sell. Yes youare a creative… in thestudio. When you step into the “Fair”,  you are a sales person… Your job is to sell  the art. If this is difficult hire an agent or a sales rep.  … Continue reading

Challenging The Divide;- Is The Problem one of Perception, Culture, or Lack of a Platform

The “Challenging the Divide, Perceptions, Stereotypes, Myths, Misconceptions and Realities as to the “lack of minority-owned businesses in today’s Tech Sector! ” Presentation doc is online at Is the issue of a divide really one of perception… above video of Wright: ‘Closing the Divide: Perception Problem’ from Open Society Foundations and The American Values … Continue reading


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