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Remember Gold Bond Stamps

Technology can be so distracting and  yet so rewarding.  Doing some research I came across the Carlson company and their link to Gold Bond stamps which led to  this post and images (screenshot of images). So first the Carlson company, it was started in 1938 with a $55.oo loan as the  Gold Bond Company.  Carlson … Continue reading

Social Commerce designing for online and offline networking!

[product sku=”BSS 211″] What is the value of the time you spend online! Is it increasing your sales! Building the “Perception of value” others have of your product  services merchandise? Do you sell as much as you could  and can changing your practices increase or augment sales! I’m not looking  for rhetoric, I want real … Continue reading

Fashion Technology Culture and Context

Eaton’s of Canada Golden jubilee, 1869-1919 book! It interested me as the period documented begins just after the emancipation of  slavery in the  US. The book details and reports on  not just the store, but Society and life from the year the  store launched to 1919! I accidentally came across this golden Jubilee   records of Eaton’s of Canada, while … Continue reading

sample video with shoppable links

Social Commerce One Day we’ll Shop from Videos – Literally

When I tell the designers that together we can create a shopping network for independent  fashion videos… it’s hard for them to conceive. Which is why I  put this video overlay together.  with we hope to reach a point where this is seamless and effortless for mom and pop or independent Creative Businesses. Getting … Continue reading

sample video with shoppable links

Social Commerce Sample Shoppable Media – Video

This time I showed  it from the perspective of  curator of  Fashion films. Connecting the video to the label’s products. i am in no way associate`with the company and will receive no compensation. this is purely a curatorial approach. the links lead back to the IP owner who made the video available on a Social network hence … Continue reading

Social Commerce Embracing Social Style;- part 1

Note the “attempt” The challenge was not the technology… the challenge was and will be getting independent makers truly independent! Many have fogotten the end goal “selling their product to  customers” and are caught in the adrenaline they encounter on “the  route to achieving that goal”… seeking press and putting on fashion shows! In part … Continue reading


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