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Circulate The Green

We complain that there is “nothing” in our communities! Well “Communities” are an ecosystem! individuals need to be earning to support  local businesses,  local businesses need the sales to hire and employ individuals. people need places to wear the items they buy… local entertainment and culture need to sell tickets to be able to stage … Continue reading

A Fashion Tech Learning Facility Coworking Space & Incubator

Thanks to the  folks at Esaie Design Studios, TibiaeTech can now create a unique solution a Fashion Tech Coworking Space that will house Learning, skillsharing,  Incubation and yes acceleration!   It’s also  at the heart of a seriously  under-served community… so we’re hoping to start  a trend and encourage others to come set up nearby! … Continue reading

Somedays I just want to move to Harlem, or St. Lucia

Since last  October I have been seriously considering a total move  yes to St Lucia… why not my native Trinidad- that is another post! Anywhere but Brooklyn… that map says a lot, the successfull thriving NYtech  scene of, and where tech centers are located (yes there is more to be added), where it overlaps with … Continue reading

How to Schedule a Meeting

I  use MeetMe to schedule appointments. Ensure your subject state meeting  reason and include a direct phone number  in your note! Initial meetings are slated at 15 minute intervals Longer consultations can be requested in your note. Click to CONTRIBUTE & SEE THE Current CAMPAIGN   Email This Post  Print This Post Listen to this Post

2013 I will exercise Unwavering Resilience!

Finally decided what to “call” my new year! 2013- Unwavering Resilience! Giving a name is a powerful act … Seriously I started a couple years ago and love the result! I do not do “resolutions”. i focus on a theme. The first year “I AM”; the second “EXCEPTIONAL” … and boy was it! Last year’s … Continue reading


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