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Social Commerce – Bkstylist Programme- Your Online Time Is An Investment- Now make it Pay

Can you find me something in red … from a local designer! I get that call all the time  but  few designers share what they have to offer and so  I cannot help.  I can design it and now I’ve found a group of sewers willing to  create it! So you can  relax and point to … Continue reading

Social Commerce- Mature Creative Industrialist Seeks Young Innovative Artisans Who can Leverage her USP & UA

Mature Creative Industrialist seeks young innovative Artisans who can leverage her USP & UA – Lets make wildly successful products together! Now that I have your attention, understand this I want to see a great store online and offline with great must have products! Want to be the designer without the drama…  I have 50 … Continue reading

Social Commerce- What They Don’t Teach You at YouTube University

There is only so much you can learn at “The University of  Youtube”!  The young man that brought this to  light was earnest and frank in his assessment of what he needed. He had learned screen-printing using  lessons on YouTube. Now in “business” for himself he realized he needed a hands on class, mentors with  experience, and … Continue reading

Social Commerce- Line Editing and Quality Control for Independent Designers

Can your product  stand up to the consumer’s expectation and need! trust me Customers TALK… to each other! If you are into jewelry, how well do the clasps hold! Quality control is important at every step of the design process! Customers can talk you into success or out of it! How does the garment launder, … Continue reading

Social Commerce – Telling Your Products story – How to

You are proactively selling when sharing your design story.  I’ll say it again, You are not giving away a favor to editors , when you share, or by allowing others to share your story! Marketing cost and if I, or anyone else, offer to help you market understand the value of that! Yes your design has a story… Social … Continue reading

Social Commerce- Spotting Poor Construction and Bad Fit

Buyers do not care what the press says, they want items that move off the rack and do not  return. If the images here look OK .. they are not, you need this workshop. Fit and construction are key. Yes this is another workshop, with two versions. One for consumers who are purchasing and a second for … Continue reading

Social Commerce- Can You Find Me Something in- Why Rebuilding a Sector Means Addressing Need

Sometimes innovation means revisiting what works. Can You Find Me Something in my Size… or as my Aunt said “child why  don’t you get back to sewing… I need clothes!”. As a`designer, I’ve hear  a lot of that lately, but I  see a lot of images of clothing in social streams so why aren’t people satisfied… “Will … Continue reading


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