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Social Commerce – Sample of Shoppable Media- Image

One of the thinks I do is develop procedures for” what  can be” using new or emerging media. ” Shoppable Media” really is clickable media that directs to the sell through or e-commerce enabled page! Don’t see how?  follow the directions in the image. In designing new procedures, we usually test “ideas”  of how to use … Continue reading

Social Style™ Project is a CLASS IN CONTEXT™

Social Style™ is a CLASS IN CONTEXT™ aimed at getting  the maker, the technologist and the consumer on the same page! it is about using the technology as well as understanding the traditional skill of references in this case in Fashion shopping (or voyeurism) Finally tired of seeing the “does this fit me” post, and replies … Continue reading

Social Commerce- Leading Ladies Always Have Their Clothing Customized.

Can’t find the clothing you want?  Is your style truly unique or is it a matter of Fit?  If your question is “Where can I find…” then you may be overlooking a crucial option for wardrobe  procurement! Want  all of your wedding party to shine! Concerned the sister next to you in the pew or … Continue reading

Sandy Relief & Fundraiser – Call for Brooklyn Artist Designer Crafters… in need of space to sell to participate in our Black Friday or Cyber Monday community effort

It will get worse … before it gets better… i’m stepping up using what i do best get ting people earning from their skills. Still those who need help will need to step forward. Which is why i’m personalty stepping up… The Crain’s headline proclaimed Unemployment claims spiked 33% after Sandy “That is a troubling sign,” said … Continue reading

As I See It- Here’s The Problem with Most Fashion-Tech Startups- a Response

In three years business as we know it  in all sectors will change. I  am betting on it! So too are many In The startup rush  for gold ! Fashion Tech is one niche Recently in an op-ed  piece on Business of Fashion  The Problem with Most Fashion-Tech Startups I am actually very happy to have opened … Continue reading

This Holiday Reach over 70000 Stylish Beautiful, Health Concious, Intelligent, Savvy Consumers

In January 2013 America’s Next Natural Model will begin its 5th season. They  are now accepting Early Ads to be up  for the holiday season on their site We’ve extending the dates for the specials  to  ensure success for this small business! Direct purchase ads now…   see more info here  Holiday Marketing 2012-Buy Now! Click to CONTRIBUTE … Continue reading


Put Your Holiday  Ads In front over 70000 eyes for as little as $75.oo Entrepreneurial Tip- You need to  get your product in front of  potential consumers at least 3-4 times before an  average first purchase!  That means Marketing… dollars as well as time. Many Local NICHE entrepreneurs have  that audience and are LOOKING  for … Continue reading


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