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Put Your Holiday  Ads In front over 70000 eyes for as little as $75.oo Entrepreneurial Tip- You need to  get your product in front of  potential consumers at least 3-4 times before an  average first purchase!  That means Marketing… dollars as well as time. Many Local NICHE entrepreneurs have  that audience and are LOOKING  for … Continue reading

What’s The difference between a Small Business and a Startup

Steve Blank answers the question, “What’s the difference between a startup and a small business!” Or check a Google search I like this explanation on Bingd best “both are exactly the same, except how the owner thinks about their business. A small business owner is focused on doing it tough for a number of years … Continue reading

50 Shades of Black Techies- Part 1

Many  are afraid to say they are Black for fear of negative backlash in their businesses.  To reach the Black  community, to reach minority communities we need Blacks and Minorities to stand out front.. at  least to communicate intrinsic details, Such is life!  But often the stereotypes come from  blacks themselves,  we all have patterns we expect, execute, interpret or  … Continue reading

There’s a Dire Need for Space

There is no avoiding It …. If we are to bring more Black and minorities into technology we need to take the technology to them. That means a space, and in Brooklyn  especially  for females space that is within a safe affordable distance. Whether it is for office space,  events space, showroom space,  exploration and … Continue reading

Fall 2012

Fall for BS… as in My  initials! I think it’s time to return to design! I promised a couple people to design a line… it’s supervising the  production that is holding me back! I understand  firsthand the hurdles of the  small entrepreneur… I awoke this morning with a Bug…  The weather is telling me that … Continue reading


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